We have all heard the phrase,  "You are what you eat."  Well, I believe that is only partly true.  I think a more accurate phrase would be "You are what you eat, digest, and absorb."  I am only going to address "eat" and "digest" in this post.  Absorption information can be found in my leaky gut blog.

(As a side note, I would also like to say that it is possible to add to this phrase by including "You are what your body cannot detoxify."  But this would need to be talked about in an entirely different blog post.  Credit for where I learned that concept needs to be given to Dr Kevin Conners).  

Ok, so, let's break down the phrase:  "You are what you eat, digest, and absorb."  Eat, Digest, Absorb.  


To begin with, if we want to live in optimum health, we must choose foods that will nourish the body with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  We also need proteins, fats and carbohydrates.  Although, everyone is unique in the pe...

"What the heck are mitochondria?"

I love this client.  I really do.  She challenges me because she questions my recommendations, plays devils advocate and wants me to drop all the "scienc-y mumbo jumbo" and break it down for her in a way that is easy, accessible and applicable.  Not because she doesn't care.  Not at all.  In fact, she is very interested in what is happening in her body.  But she wants to learn in a way that she will retain the information and she wants to understand in a way that allows her to apply her knowledge and actually affect changes in her body.  

So, dear client of mine, here is your no-mumbo-jumbo protocol to master your mitochondria.

To answer her original question, what the heck are mitochondria?  I direct you to the image below:

This beautiful creation is found in almost every single cell you have in your body.  MItochondria are the place inside of our cells where energy is created.  When we digest our food, the process of br...

As much as I love to educate everyone who will listen about the many ways we can be healthier, here is one simple proven quick tip you can do today to better your health.

Drink 8 ounces of filtered water right now.

Dehydration (even mild) is a stressor on the body and can lead to a slower metabolism, headaches, increased blood pressure and more.  Sip filtered water all day long to maintain adequate body water levels and optimum health.

What part of your fitness routine deserves the most attention?  What could you be doing better to get more gains from your workouts?  Stronger?  Faster?  Quicker?  Fitter?  Leaner?


Are you doing the things needed during your recovery days to allow your body to get the benefits from your workout?  Heck, are you even taking multiple recovery days per week?  

The goal of exercise is very simple:  challenge the body to do something that requires it to make a change so the next time you do it, it is easier.

The body is always looking to adapt and make changes if it perceives something as difficult such as a workout.  It does not like to struggle.  Therefore, when you challenge the body and make it work harder than it is used to, your body looks to make the changes it needs so the next time you present it with the same challenge, it feels easier.  

Examples of this are challenging your body to do as many pull ups as...

As much as I love to educate everyone who will listen about the many ways we can be healthier, here is one simple proven quick tip you can do today to better your health.

Quick Tip #1:  Go outside for 2 minutes at lunch and stare at the brightest part of the sky (not the sun) and breathe deeply while stretching your arms overhead or behind your back. 

Exposing your eyes to bright light and doing some gentle movement at the same time will help reset your circadian rhythms which will benefit your energy, sleep, metabolism, DNA repair, improved immunity and stress levels.  

As a clinical nutritionist in the state of Michigan, I have no access to ordering blood work tests for my clients and instead I need to rely solely on the client's physician to run the appropriate tests each year so I can help monitor the health status of my


Even more frustrating was that as a patient (before becoming a clinical nutritionist) I had blood work done yearly, and my doctors would tell me my blood work was good but I had NO IDEA what any of the numbers actually meant.  What the heck is Alk Phos?  Or MCV?  Or any of the other numbers for that matter?  And why are they important to check?  In order to empower us as patients, it is ESSENTIAL that you understand what your blood work means.  

Now that I know what the numbers actually mean, I have been very disappointed in the lack of blood work and testing that is run on a yearly basis.  When blood work is run, it usually is only a scattering of numbers that hardly paints a picture as to what...

One of the regulars at my local coffee shop stopped me today, we will call him

Tim, and told me he is finally off of all his blood pressure medications.  He told me he never thought that would have been possible.  But you see, this retired gentleman spent the past 3 months focused on some key lifestyle changes that allowed his blood pressure to drop naturally.  I'll share with you the tips I shared with him that allowed him to get off of his blood pressure meds for good.

(Make note:  I am not a physician and am not making any diagnoses or suggestions about medications, dosages or your health.  You should always chat with your doc before implementing any of the suggestions I am making).

4 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

1. Move your body.  Tim got a gym membership to one of those 24 hour places about 3 months ago and was very excited to tell me about it (mind you, I was really not at all offended that he chose to go to a gym besides the one I own since everyone ne...

It is sometimes difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that what we eat can cause (or at least worsen) joint pain.  I mean, isn't that joint pain from some old injury I had in college?  Or, isn't that joint pain simply part of the "aging process"?

No.  And no.  

Joint pain is a sign that your body is experiencing excessive inflammation.  Excessive inflammation can manifest itself in many ways in the body from autoimmune conditions, to headaches, to joint pain and stiffness and more.

In a overly-simplified way, I am going to try to make the connection to our digestive health and the inflammation we experience as joint pain so you can see how the food you eat can directly impact how your joints feel and move.  If you want to jump away from the "scienc-y" part of this blog and learn about the foods to avoid and those to add, then scroll down a bit.  I won't be offended. 

Remember, we can eat as healthily as we want but if our body is unable to absorb the nutrients we...

Stress. Stress. Stress. Stress. Stress. Stress. Stress.

We hear this word EVERYWHERE.  But can it really be halting your weight loss progress and causing damaging inflammation in your body?  The resounding answer is "YES."  This is supported by both clinical observations as well as published scientific research.

This means that you can be eating clean, moving your body regularly, getting good sleep but still not see the results you want to see.  Learn how stress is impacting your body and what exactly you can do about it.

Acute Stress

First, remember, there is a difference between chronic stress and acute stress.  Acute stress is the type of stress our body can easily handle: 

~Jumping out of the way of a falling branch while walking

~Swerving to avoid the squirrel on our drive to work

~Racing over to help an elderly person who looks like her balance might cause a fall

~Feeling a bit jittery and unsettled after hearing a loud, unexpected noise

These types of stressors are short,...

Every single bite of food we put into our mouths tells our body a message.  Certain foods relay messages that keep our body healthy, keep our hormones balanced, keep our energy high and our metabolism fast.  Other foods tell the body to slow down, spin our hormones out of whack, tell our body to store body fat and even send

inflammatory messengers throughout the body.

In order to avoid "food messages" that direct our body towards inflammation, fat storage and disease, certain foods need to be eliminated or at least significantly reduced.  

Here are my Top 3 Foods to Ditch for a Faster Metabolism and Healthier Body:

1. Sugar:  By now, most of us know that sugar is one of the WORST things we can put into our bodies.  Unfortunately, we wrongfully demonized dietary fat and cholesterol for so long and, in the process, more and more sugar has been entering the Standard American Diet to the extreme detriment of our health and wellbeing.  

Sugar, and especially processed sugar,...

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