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Applied Quantum Biology Certification

New Cohorts Begin Quasi-Quarterly

A six-week official certification program through the Quantum Biology Collective for health practitioners of all kinds so they can learn the scientific foundations of quantum biology—light, water, magnetism, & mitochondria—and how to apply these principles in their current practice to help clients see greater health results than ever. Carrie is the lead faculty member for the program.

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Quantum Fertility On-Demand

A six-week course co-taught by Carrie and Sarah Kleiner to help both individuals and practitioners learn how to implement circadian rhythms, support mitochondria, and understand leptin signaling and resistance in order to maximize their or their clients' chances of getting pregnant. Six self-led lessons available for purchase at any time. If you're looking to join a live cohort, our next one will be in late 2023 or early 2024.

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The Quantum Reset

Formerly called "Quantum Foundations." This is my signature video course for those interested in using quantum and circadian biology to heal and thrive. Available all together OR as individual modules. Click below to see more details, as well as the link to pay in installments (when buying the whole course).

If you're looking for my Hydration Masterclass, Mitochondrial Healing Masterclass, or Quantum Connective Tissue Masterclass, they are no longer sold separately but are now INCLUDED if you purchase my Quantum Reset course or any of their related individual modules (The Voltage Reset and The Mitochondrial Reset).

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