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Blood Flow, Lymph Flow, and Sunlight electrons ez water infrared light piezoelectric effect sunlight May 11, 2022

Have you ever wondered why the lymphatic system lacks a pump?

We all know that the circulatory system relies on the heart as its pumping powerhouse, right?

But is the heart truly a pump?


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The Quantum Protocol for Inflammation electrons inflammation light Apr 27, 2022

From the perspective of applied quantum biology, your body wants:

  • Signals from light
  • An abundant input of electrons
  • The unimpeded flowing of these electrons
  • Resonating with coherent fields of...
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Your Body is a Battery: How You're Charged by Electrons electrons Apr 20, 2022

Our bodies function much like rechargeable batteries, relying on the flow of electrons to maintain cellular vitality and overall health. Without the regular replenishment of these essential...

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How Living Indoors Disconnects Us From Our Vital Energy Source: Electrons earthing electrons nature Mar 09, 2022

Electrons are an essential currency of the body.

Modern indoor living divorces us from key electron-rich sources.

But electrons are an essential currency in our bodies, playing a crucial role...

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Your Body Runs on Electrons electrons ez water Feb 09, 2022

Our body is voltage.

We need electrons.

Our cells only function well when they have a negative charge.

This is because they are charged full of electrons. Sometimes this is described as pH...

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How to Improve Mitochondrial Function via Better Electron Tunneling electron transport chain electrons mitochondria Jan 12, 2022

Mitochondrial health leads to appropriate biophoton signaling and optimum cellular energy, which creates a state of quantum coherence, a.k.a. thriving health.

Mitochondria have optimized biophoton...

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