On-Demand Practitioner Training Videos

Finally, a way for health practitioners to learn all the foundational and comprehensive knowledge needed to confidently apply quantum and circadian biology with their clients—available to watch immediately, at their own pace, and at a self-determined price.


On-Demand Practitioner Training Videos

Finally, a way for health practitioners to learn all the foundational and comprehensive knowledge needed to confidently apply quantum and circadian biology with their clients—available to watch immediately and at their own pace.

About the Trainings

The Practitioner Pyramid

After more than 20 years of clinical practice and more than 10 years of studying and teaching quantum and circadian biology, I began to see a common path for how to best prioritize recommendations to my clients in a way that genuinely created health. This path, which I see now as a "pyramid" of care, works because it prioritizes what is most essential to start and then begins to layer on each priority after that. Hence, a "pyramid." As clients work through this path, time after time, I see them unlock greater thriving. Beyond that, as a practitioner, it's also a clear way for me to assess where to start with each client.

So, I built my training videos for you with this "pyramid" in mind. I see each module in a "tier" is of equal importance (e.g., Light, Water, and "Your Expertise"). Then, I see the next tier after that as being of the next importance, and so on and so forth. Applying quantum biology in this order will help you learn the proper foundations for helping your clients, just as I continue to help mine every day. However, it doesn't mean you have to buy or even watch all of them in this order. You can buy them all or purchase individual "modules" separately if you need to fill in any specific gaps in your knowledge.


Mindset & Light

This is where it truly all begins. A client's mindset and light environment are crucial as the foundation of healing.



Hydration goes hand in hand with mindset and light, and includes the water they drink, EZ water, & minerals.


Your Expertise

Layer in your other modalities and experience, like nervous system regulation, chiropractic, herbalism, and more. I don't have the expertise to train you in these, but they are critically important and valuable.



Mitochondria are the source of intracellular hydration & the sensors of our environment. Therefore, mitochondrial health is absolutely essential to helping clients heal.


Redox, Drainage, & Detox

Naturally supporting the body's detoxification through the quantum lens of building energy and opening drainage pathways.


& Fat Burning

Energy balancing for healing, fertility, and metabolic health through the quantum lens.

Module 1

Laying the Essential Foundation of Mindset & Light

The two environmental inputs we are most surrounded by daily are our light and our thoughts. That being the case, helping our clients improve light signaling to their bodies by understanding the importance of circadian rhythm and how light optimizes all aspects of human physiology while creating coherence goes a long way toward supporting healing. Likewise, clients can't heal when they constantly focus only on what's going wrong with their health, so we want to begin with these two critical pillars.

  • Why Mindset and Light First? (7 mins)
  • The Science of the Biofield (24 mins)
  • Optimizing Mindset and Mind-Body Healing (54 mins)
  • Paradoxical Reactions and What This Signifies (9 mins)
  • The Role of Breath in Mind-Body Healing (17 mins)
  • Establishing a Healthy Circadian Rhythm (49 mins)
  • Applying Light Directly to the Skin (46 mins)
  • Seasonal-Specific Supports for Optimum Health (15 mins)
  • Troubleshooting Poor Sleep for Clients (18 mins)

In total, almost 4 hours of lecture content.

Module 2

A Clinician’s Guide to Exclusion-Zone Water & Hydration

Water in the body behaves so much differently than we were ever taught in classical biochemistry. Instead, water behaves like a battery, antenna, and conduit through which we can funnel energy and information. By understanding this aspect of our physiology, we can transform our clients' cells from dysfunctional to having adequate, healthy cellular voltage to run all their functions. This involves optimizing the water that's already inside us, called "Exclusion-Zone" or "EZ" Water, and coaching clients through a comprehensive hydration strategy by drinking healing, structured water.

  • What is EZ Water, and Why is it Essential? (39 mins)
  • How Mitochondria Contribute to EZ Water (27 mins)
  • How EZ Water Drives Healthy Blood & Lymphatic Flow (21 mins)
  • How EZ Water is the Main Way to Prevent Toxicity & Detox from Intracellular Toxins (18 mins)
  • Signs & Symptoms of Low EZ Water with Comprehensive Supports (29 mins)
  • Water as an Antenna (32 mins)
  • Water as Memory (24 mins)
  • Dehydration and Disease (23 mins)
  • Making Structured, Living Water (30 mins)
  • Additional Hydration Strategies (45 mins)
  • Dehydration and Histamine (32 mins)
  • Mineral Balancing Without Supplements (54 mins)

In total, more than 6 hours of lecture content.

Module 3

Healing Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Our Clients

Mitochondria are both the main producers of our intracellular water as well as sensors of our environment. They both produce the battery of energy that we use to maintain healthy cellular voltage and also respond to our internal and external environments via changes in signaling to things like the DNA and our immune system. If your clients' mitochondria are dysfunctional, it is very likely that they are either already diagnosed with a disease or on their way to that diagnosis. So, by tending to mitochondria through a variety of different healing modalities, we can transform clients from having sick, dysfunctional cells to cells that are thriving with healthy voltage and optimum biophoton signaling for what they need to heal.

  • Breath, Red Light Therapy, Molecular Hydrogen, & Cold Therapy (1 hr 20 mins)
  • Stress, Toxins, & Non-Native EMFs (55 mins)
  • Deuterium, Fasting, Ketosis, & Seasonal Eating (1 hr 37 mins)

In total, nearly 4 hours of lecture content.

Module 4

Redox, Drainage, and Detox Through the Quantum Lens

We live in a terribly polluted world. Unfortunately, however, when clinicians and health coaches push detoxification strategies on clients who don't yet have appropriate "redox" or open drainage pathways, we can unintentionally create more harm than good. So, in the quantum health world, we often say, "Redox Before You Detox," where "redox" means helping a client build a battery of charge throughout their cells that then support mechanisms like detoxification, along with the physical aspect of how water helps our cells push toxins out. This means that if we can build redox, not only are we actually supporting detoxification, but we're supporting the energy required for detoxification. Along with open drainage pathways, this allows our clients' bodies to naturally eliminate toxins without forcing any specific detoxification protocol. 

  • Redox, Drainage, and Detox Through the Quantum Lens: Why You Never Start with Detoxification (39 mins)
  • Redox Strategies Beyond Light & Hydration: How Your Clients Need to Gather Free Energy—
    • A Brief Review on Light (19 mins)
    • Earthing, Piezoelectricity, Molecular Hydrogen, & Red Light Therapy (38 mins)
    • Redox Thieves: Things That Steal Voltage (17 mins)
  • Drainage: Colon, Liver/Gallbladder, Lymph, & Fascia (36 mins)
  • Sweat: A Method for Redox, Drainage, & Detoxification (38 mins)
  • Bonus: Quantum Connective Tissue Masterclass (3 hrs)

In total, more than 6 hours of lecture content.

Module 5

Optimizing Key Aspects of Metabolic Health

Discussion around metabolism in the modern world most often revolves around "calories in, calories out," glucose, and ketones. While these may play a role in understanding metabolism, they completely ignore the primary role of things like circadian signaling and leptin, our master hormone that signals our body's energy status. Doing so keeps our clients from truly healing from metabolic dysfunction. Since leptin issues occur before insulin issues, leptin issues tend to be precursors to challenges with energy metabolism, mood, and infertility. That being the case, this module will teach you how to track and optimize leptin in clinical practice, along with key strategies to coach appropriate leptin signaling—and therefore healthy metabolism—in your clients, along with other approaches to optimize fat burning, such as healthy circadian fasting.

  • A Clinician’s Guide to Leptin: Energy Balance for Healing, Fertility, & Metabolic Health (1 hr 15 mins)
  • Sunlight and Metabolism (16 mins)
  • How Artificial Light at Night Drives Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, and Diabetes (14 mins)
  • Circadian-Friendly Fasting (17 mins)
  • Coaching the Body to Burn Fat (20 mins)

In total, nearly 2.5 hours of content.

  • All video lessons are fully searchable by keyword/topic. Open any video, pull up the search feature, and search. Once you do, you can hop straight to any point in a video where I've mentioned that search term, saving you from watching full videos or frustratingly hunting for where something was mentioned by using the video "scrub" bar alone.
  • Your progress will be saved in any lesson you watch, so there is no need to remember where you left off.
  • All lessons include English video captions you can turn off/on.
  • Any lessons where I use presentation slides include downloadable PDF versions of my slide deck.
  • All lessons include a downloadable .mp3 audio file if you want to listen rather than watch.
  • All lessons include downloadable English transcripts in .txt format, though they are currently unedited for spelling, grammar, or transcription accuracy.
  • Depending on your learning needs, all video lessons can be slowed down to as low as .5x speed or up to 2x speed in .25x increments.