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How Sound Shapes Life (and Health)

sound vibration water Feb 12, 2024
A pink image with something resembling a sound wave that almost looks like a horizontal candlestick.

Let's talk about sound, vibration, and its interaction with water.

Recognize that everything in the universe is vibrating at the subatomic level.

We cannot talk about quantum biology without understanding the importance of sound and vibration.

Sound is vibration.

Vibrations contain frequency.

Frequency is information and can create structure/form.

Form determines function.

Forms that are the same share the same resonance.

Ever wonder why all the proteins in the body have very intricate folds and shapes?

Ever wonder why dysfunction/disease often results from a mis-folded protein (Alzheimer's Disease for example)?

One of the ways that proteins and molecules communicate in the body is via vibration or resonance.

This means that you can view the proteins and molecules as a bunch of different tuning forks tuned to certain frequencies.

When a certain molecule resonates, that gets the instantaneous attention of all the other molecules tuned to that frequency.

This, believe it or not, can occur faster than the speed of light.

This is why things that disrupt protein folding (heavy metals, glyphosate, disruption of EZ water, or ATP production), or things that disrupt the repair of damaged proteins (impaired autophagy, for example—lack of melatonin) can lead to dysfunction and disease.

A damaged protein changes its resonant frequency because its shape changes. In the same way that a tuning fork with a chip in it no longer resonates the frequency it was designed to resonate.

Besides molecules resonating in sympathy causing a physiological change, these vibrations can also get imprinted into the EZ water in and around every cell.

Certain frequencies create coherent cymatic patterns (shown in the image) that form on and in the water. This is another way vibrational information is conveyed throughout the body.

This means that all vibrations from audible sounds in our environment to the vibrations of our thoughts and emotions matter because they can influence the structure of our EZ water and send messages to cells.

We can use sound, thought and emotion to impart coherence throughout the body.

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