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Food Doesn't Matter as Much as Light

electrons food sunlight Feb 15, 2024
A table full of colorful food—three large bowls and one small bowl of sauce sit atop a brown table.

In the pursuit of optimal health, we often focus on what we eat, but there's another critical factor that tends to get overlooked: our light environment.

While the significance of nutrition cannot be understated, the light we surround ourselves with plays a pivotal role in our body's ability to function optimally and maintain overall well-being.

The fundamental currency of our body is not solely derived from the nutrients in our food. Instead, our bodies run on electrons. Every cell in our body requires a net negative charge, which is essentially an abundance of electrons, to operate at its best. While a portion of these electrons comes from the food we consume, there are other vital sources as well, including sunlight, grounding, movement, and electron-rich water.

It's crucial to understand that our health is intricately linked to our capacity to gather, store, and distribute electrons as needed throughout the body. Neglecting this aspect can have profound implications for our well-being.

One significant aspect of our "light environment" is sunlight. When we expose our skin and eyes to sunlight, we trigger the photoelectric effect, enabling us to gather electrons. However, modern lifestyles often confine us indoors, depriving us of the electron-rich UV and infrared light necessary for optimal health.

Moreover, artificial light, or what we might call "junk light," pervades many aspects of our daily lives, from the moment we wake up until we retire for the night. Whether it's flipping on artificial lights in the morning, enduring fluorescent lighting in the office, or basking in the glow of screens before bed, these sources of light fail to provide the electrons our bodies crave.

The consequences of excessive exposure to artificial light are far-reaching. Not only does it deplete our electron stores, but it also disrupts our circadian rhythm, leading to poor sleep quality, diminished energy levels, heightened inflammation, and compromised mitochondrial function. In essence, junk light not only robs us of electrons but also throws our body's natural rhythms out of balance.

Maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm is essential for overall well-being. When our internal clock is in sync, our body functions optimally, inflammation is reduced, gut cells repair more efficiently, hormonal balance is restored, and even melatonin aids in repairing damaged mitochondria and recycling proteins.

If we neglect our light hygiene and fail to prioritize our circadian rhythm, we're neglecting a crucial component of our health. By paying closer attention to our light environment and making conscious choices to incorporate natural light sources while minimizing exposure to artificial light, we can support our body's electron balance and promote overall vitality.

So, while nutrition undoubtedly plays a significant role in our health, we mustn't overlook the importance of our light environment. Electrons derived from sunlight and other natural sources are essential for our body's optimal functioning. By being mindful of our exposure to artificial light and prioritizing our circadian rhythm, we can take proactive steps towards enhancing our well-being and vitality. So, let's illuminate our path to better health by shedding light on the significance of our light environment.

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