90-Minute Coaching Session

This is a 90-minute one-on-one session in which you get to pick my brain about your individual health concerns.

As of Fall 2023, I have made changes to the availability of my one-on-one coaching sessions. This is primarily because the demand for help is so large that I'm not able to meet the need on my own. Therefore, I'll be turning my primary focus to teaching new practitioners (through the QBC certification program and my Practitioner Mentorship Program) in order to meet the increasing demand for quantum health advice. This all being the case, I'm drastically limiting my 1:1 sessions moving forward.

Alternative Options to Learn From Me or Ask Me Your Questions

  • Take one of my online courses. Most of my foundational advice can be learned in these courses without needing to schedule a 1:1 session with me, and I'll require you to take The Quantum Reset (formerly called Quantum Foundations) or The Adrenal Fatigue Fix before booking a 1:1 session with me anyway. Details below.
  • Join my online community, Living Quantum-ly. It's only $29 a month, I host two live Q&A calls for a total of 3.5 hours every week other than vacations and holidays, and you don't have to be present to ask me your allotted questions (up to 8 each week/4 per call). This is not only significantly less expensive than a 1:1 session but also allows you to get your Qs in front of me MUCH faster than in a private call. I can also often answer most of what you need in these Q&As.
  • Consider looking at the QBC practitioner directory to find another certified practitioner who can help! Since I've been the lead instructor for the QBC certification program since its inception, I have trained all of these individuals alongside some of my other quantum health colleagues.
  • Or, if you're a practitioner, consider taking the QBC certification course and then my Practitioner Mentorship Program. These offerings will help you learn not just about the science and practical application of quantum health so that you can integrate it into your new or existing practice, but how to also work with clients in real-life scenarios.

Still Interested in a Private Session?
Please read the following information thoroughly before purchasing or reaching out over email to ask a question.

  1. The Good News First: Private Calls Are Now Longer
    I'm now allotting a full 90 minutes for 1:1 sessions instead of the previous 75-minute length! However...

  2. You Must Be a Previous Client &/or Have Taken My Quantum Reset Course
    To "qualify" for buying a private session, I ask that you have already been a previous 1:1 client with me OR that you have purchased one of the following online courses of mine. I will not verify on my own that you qualify, but ask that you use an "honor code"—please don't purchase a 1:1 coaching session unless we have already had at least one session or you have taken and significantly worked through the material of one of these courses:
    1. Everything Under the Sun Bundle
    2. The Thyroid-Adrenal Bundle
    3. The Quantum Reset (formerly called Quantum Foundations)
    4. The Adrenal-Fatigue Fix
    5. Or, all three of the courses that make up The Quantum Reset (The Circadian Reset, The Voltage Reset, and The Mitochondrial Reset)

  3. Sessions Are Extremely Limited
    I will now only be taking a maximum of TWO total 90-minute coaching sessions a week. This means that, even if you do purchase a call, it might still be weeks or months until you're able to officially schedule with me, as many other people will likely have already booked upcoming time slots.

    My current availability is on:
    — Mondays: 9:30am-1:30pm ET
    — Thursdays: 12:30-2:00pm ET

    If you are not available for a private session during one of these times, I again encourage you to join my online community, where you don't have to be live on a call to ask me your questions and can instead leave them for me in advance to answer. You can then SEARCH for your name in the replay recording to find my answers to you without needing to watch every full replay (usually 1.5-2 hours long). So, joining my community is quite efficient!

  4. 3-Session Packages Are Not Currently Available
    I used to offer discounts for purchasing multiple sessions at a time. However, because scheduling is already hard for so many people, I've removed this discount package as an option. This should better help individuals who have not had a chance to talk with me privately to do so at least a bit more easily.

    However, healing doesn't typically happen in a single session (or even three, or even with a single practitioner). Since I'm not currently offering package discounts and I don't do long-term coaching, this is reason again to join my online community so you can ask your questions in an ongoing way instead of trying to solve all of your health challenges in 1-3 quick calls. I know you are likely coming here because you have already tried many things to heal you and/or your family and you're hoping I and quantum biology will be your "fix," but the honest reality is that, even though circadian and quantum biology can make massive improvements in your health quickly, chronic illness does not solve itself overnight and living within all of the challenges of modernity means that being fully "healed" is a true challenge. I'm here with you in my community for the long haul, though, and I know that I can help you feel so much less sick and in pain, so come join me!

  5. 30-Minute Follow-Ups Are Still Available
    Find details and purchase here. However, you can only purchase/schedule one if we've already had at least one previous 75/90-minute initial session.

  6. Availability is Typically Limited to the Next 90 Days
    My schedule is currently only open for scheduling from January 8, 2024 - April 13, 2024. As of February 1, 2024, sessions will begin to open on a rolling basis, always 90 days into the future. If you purchase a coaching session and then don't see anything open between now and March 31, 2024, it's because others have already booked my available sessions—many people were waiting to schedule at the end of 2023 when I finally opened my books again. This means you might not see open spots available until we reach February 1, 2024. Even then, you will likely be waiting to schedule along with many others who have already purchased.

  7. Purchasing a Call Does NOT Mean You Are Scheduled
    To schedule, you'll be taken to a screen after checkout in order to log into your account on my site. From there, you'll see the "90-Minute Coaching Session" in your Library. Click "Access Now," and then you'll see my calendar availability so you can schedule. That's when you'll also let me know details about what you'd like to chat about. Don't worry, though—I'll send all of this info in an email after you purchase, too. But if you do not get an email from Calendly, my scheduling platform, confirming your scheduled appointment, you are NOT officially scheduled on my calendar.

  8. The Cost of Sessions Has Increased
    Pricing has gone from $289 to $389 for 1:1 coaching sessions. This is not to make private coaching less accessible or to make as much money off of you as I can. It is also not to create a feeling of artificial scarcity. On the contrary, it is to encourage you, as much as possible, into my extremely accessible online community or to take one of my courses in order to get your Qs answered. I can meet most of your needs in one of those options FAR faster and at a FAR less costly price, so it's better for both of us. And I truly believe what I offer in my online community and my online courses can empower you to heal on your own, trust your own healing instincts, and to shift any belief you might have that your healing is dependent on my help or the help of any other "healing" professional. Healing is a natural state once we learn to be in resonance with nature. I'm simply here as a guide to that resonance, not a medical professional or your health savior. If you email me in desperation for an appointment for any reason, offering more money or any form of offer that helps you "jump the line," or otherwise share your difficult health story in order to ask that I open a special slot for you, I will gently guide you to my community and/or challenge you to shift your mindset. Many people who come to me have unfortunately already spent 10s of thousands of dollars, so the story is terribly common. I've been there, and I really get it! But in order to keep things equitable and to not foster a sense of codependency, I do not offer anyone to "jump the line," no matter what you're willing to pay me. I promise—you can do this! And I enjoy working the most with individuals who believe healing is within their power anyway!

Have questions?
Email me and my team at [email protected], but please only do so after you've read this page thoroughly and found that your question hasn't been addressed!

$389.00 USD