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Hydration Happens Mostly Internally

ez water hydration Jan 31, 2024
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No one talks about the role of hydration in hormone activity in the body.

By "hydration," I don't mean how much water you drink every day. I'm talking about how every biomolecule in the body including proteins, DNA, hormones, enzymes and receptors have layers of structured water that surrounds them.

This structured water is called a hydration shell and it's where the actual interactions occur that facilitate our human physiology.

When these hydration shells—which can also be referred to as EZ water—are disturbed, changes in physiology occur. This is why optimizing both intracellular water formation, as well as structured water in the body, can impact health in a profound way.

Form Dictates Function
To start with, it's important to understand that all biomolecules require specific shapes in order to function. Each shape determines key things like like the vibrational resonance the molecule has (long-range communication), as well as the ability to interact with other molecules. Water around the DNA even gives a sequence-specific “hydration fingerprint," which facilitates DNA transcription.

And water is what's responsible for giving the proteins their appropriate shape. In fact, this water is dynamic and responsive, allowing proteins to appropriately change conformation in response to acoustics, light, vibrations—including sounds of music, nature and even those produced endogenously.

Structured proteins have the capacity to encode key information into their surrounding hydration shell, which facilitates molecular recognition.

This is why I focus so much on water for health.

Back to Hormones
Sarah Kleiner and I teach all about this in our Quantum Fertility course. Often, hormone levels aren't the issue. Instead, it tends to be things like the structure and responsiveness of the receptors and mediators (like G-protein-coupled receptors) that are the issue.

And since function and responsiveness are entirely dependent on the body's structured water, it makes sense to focus on this.

Suffice it to say that mitochondrial health really matters. They're what make intracellular water and promote EZ water with things like red light therapy, sauna, etc.

What is True Hydration, Then?
The water your mitochondria make is how you achieve true hydration.

Remember, when water in the body is next to a biological surface, it structures itself into its fourth phase, called "EZ water."

EZ water provides:

  • a battery of potential energy for every cell
  • a way for the cell to maintain negative charge
  • the support for proteins to maintain optimum shape
  • an antenna to receive EMF information both inside and outside the body
  • a conduit through which subatomic information can flow
  • an excited state for electron tunneling

To be truly hydrated, yes we must consume high quality drinking water. But we also need to optimize the production of water made by our mitochondria.

Most municipal water is polluted with things like heavy metals, fluoride, glyphosate, etc.

These chemicals destroy EZ water and disrupt all things listed above.

So, What Are We to Do?

Drink toxin-free water as close to its natural state as possible: glacial run-off, spring water, or RO water that's been restructured and remineralized.

Even more important, we must optimize the water our mitochondria make at Step 4 of the electron transport chain.

Our mitochondria make pure, deuterium-depleted water at Step 4 (cytochrome C oxidase) and structure it into EZ with infrared light they also produce.

To do this well, they need adequate electrons, red light photons and oxygen. Meaning, mitochondria work best at making water when we are barefoot, under natural light, and breathing calmly through the nose.

Other things that benefit mitochondrial health, like intermittent fasting, exercise, cold thermogenesis, ketosis, also enhance EZ water production.

So true hydration means taking good care of our mitochondria.

Two Other Pieces of the Hydration Puzzle
We also can't leave out movement and non-native electromagnetic frequencies, or "nn-EMFs" for short.

When sedentary, fascia gets dehydrated. Hydrated connective tissue creates a conduit through which quantum communication occurs (via photons, electrons, protons, resonance).

Movement hydrates the connective tissue and pushes hydration throughout the body.

nnEMFs like WiFi and cell phone radiation are dehydrating because they harm the mitochondria and deplete the body of EZ water.

Want to Learn More about EZ Water and Hydration?
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