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Quantum Health 101: What is "Quantum Health"?

circadian rhythm light quantum biology Aug 30, 2023

If you're new to "quantum health" or have just struggled to communicate what it is when talking to your family and friends about it, I wanted to spend some time today going back to basics.

Hopefully, this will help you understand precisely what quantum health is, how it's different from the traditional way of looking at your health, and why it has the chance to shift how we look at human thriving completely.

Check out the short video above, or read the longer text below for a primer on "quantum health."

What You'll Hear It Called

You've likely heard "quantum health" go by a few different names, like "quantum biology," "applied quantum biology," "circadian health," or "circadian biology."

All of these are referring to the same concept. 

So, what is that?

A Shift to the Atomic Perspective

It's an emerging field of health that goes beyond biochemistry—the chemical processes happening in your body—to look at your body on an even smaller scale: the atomic scale of health. It's concerned with the protons, neutrons, and electrons that make up all of your body's molecules, cells, organs, and everything else and how they influence health or disease.

To put it plainly, it applies the concepts of quantum physics (the atomic level) to biology (the study of living organisms, like the human body).

Hence quantum + biology.

Until recently, we've mostly thought the atomic scale didn't apply to living organisms the same way it does at the macro scale of the cosmos. But since physicist Jim Al-Khalili and biologist Johnjoe McFadden began researching together to see if their overlapping specialties could assist each other, we have confirmation that quantum physics actually occurs in the warm, wet environment of living creatures.  

Who Pioneered This Emerging Field & Who's Leading it Now?

We owe a great deal of debt in quantum biology to Dr. Jack Kruse, a practicing neurosurgeon, author, and bio-physicist asking what it means to "decentralize" medicine by going beyond where traditional science has been willing or able to look and instead focuses on how Nature's forces of light, water, and magnetism affect our health.

Many of us, myself included, either stumbled upon Jack's blog while desperately hunting for solutions to our own health crises or while falling down research rabbit holes to try and untangle the growing number and complexity of our clients' health issues. You'll also hear a number of people say they initially found Jack from his now-somewhat-famous Nourish Vermont presentation in 2017.

Many other pioneers in the field might not have considered themselves "quantum health" educators or clinicians, but nonetheless paved the way for this new framework:

And so many others, of course, including Einstein and every other physicist that would be impossible to list here fully. But you can access my Recommended Product Guide, where I have an extensive list of books and resources I read to educate myself on quantum biology.

We also can't ignore that many "indigenous" and "ancient" cultures not only lived—and sometimes still live—in a more "quantum" way, or at least a way more in tune with Nature, but that they were some of the earliest pioneers of this path. Everyone from Native tribes on "Turtle Island" (what's now called the United States) to the Maasai tribes in Africa who live by the sun and are grounded with the Earth basically all day, to more "folk" traditions found in rural areas of Eastern Europe, or even some ancient Chinese medicine techniques that date back millennia and saw the role of fascia and meridians far before it became "scientific" or "peer-reviewed" knowledge.

Today, quantum health continues to be led and moved forward by all of these people, including Dr. Kruse, as well as many other practicing educators and clinicians, many of whom I consider close friends and collaborators:

Including those focusing more on trauma and trauma healing, like Irene Lyons, or collective bodies of quantum students and practitioners, like the Quantum Biology Collective, where I co-lead a quantum health certification program for health professionals.

If you're a fan or have heard of Dr. Huberman, neuroscientist, associate professor of neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and host of the popular Huberman Lab podcast, you might even be familiar with his research and work on circadian health and the importance of light signaling through our eyes, like in these episodes or articles:

You can actually hear Huberman interview Dr. Kruse on Rick Ruben's podcast, in a two-part episode aired in April 2023 (Part 1 and Part 2).

Dr. Kruse and I don't agree with everything Huberman believes, nor does he necessarily believe everything Dr. Kruse, myself, or the "quantum" field of health believe. Dr. Kruse and I don't believe entirely the same things or see quantum health in exactly the same ways, either.

And that's all okay. Scientific thought and new paradigms are meant to be chewed over, debated, and their implications experienced in real-life clinical and everyday practice.

Plus, not everything is meant for you. If you resonate with one thing or person more, or any one person's advice has changed your life significantly, cherish and follow that. None of our misalignments or disagreements discredit the field as a whole any more than the fact that quantum physics itself can't agree on how black holes function or why a particle can be in two places at once without ever seeing it here or there.

But, my goal is to help you see that quantum health has many varied participants and perspectives—some that even contradict each other, like any other health or scientific field—and that it has a long, well-founded history of medical research and insight from all over the world.

More than that, I hope you see that applying quantum health to your life can radically shift your health in a way that you might never have experienced.

And I hope ever-greater numbers of health practitioners—naturopaths, chiropractors, midwives, doulas, herbalists, massage therapists, doctors, dentists, and so much more—will begin to integrate quantum biology into their own work, even IF we don't all agree on absolutely everything and I don't jive with their specific perspectives.


The Shortcomings of Traditional or Functional Health & Medicine

Most of modern medicine, and even functional medicine so far, has focused on biochemistry through tools like medical imaging, bloodwork, or genetic testing to measure or visually capture what's happening in your body at any given moment.

But there are a few issues with this way of looking at your health:

  1. First, your body's biochemistry right now is only a snapshot; it might drastically change tomorrow, next week, or next month, rendering this testing somewhat accurate today but challenging to trust much later than that.
  2. Second, it largely ignores all of the environmental or "epigenetic" (meaning "beyond genetic") factors that influence your health by focusing only on the symptomatic issues you're experiencing and not on why you might be experiencing them, how they're connected, or what's below even those mechanisms that might be causing a specific biochemical or physiologic result in the first place. Quantum health, much like the study of electrons or dark matter, might even admit that there are mechanisms below these mechanisms that we can't yet see and that they're connected more than we could even imagine.
  3. Third, because of this, the solutions to your health problems in the traditional Western allopathic model of health and most functional or naturopathic models of health look primarily at what pill or supplement you might take to alleviate your symptoms and change your biochemistry. Low in magnesium? Take a magnesium supplement. Lacking in Vitamin D? Take a D3 supplement. High cholesterol? Take a statin.

Since this doesn't change the underlying mechanisms driving your biochemistry to behave a certain way, it means you stay stuck taking pills or supplements and going through medical testing for a lot, if not the rest, of your life, continuing to check on the biochemical status of your body—like whether you have enough potassium or if your stomach lining is inflamed.

As you might imagine or already know, this is extremely costly both financially and in your own precious time while being alive. It strains your relationships, dampens your aliveness, and robs you of giving your full self to the world, which is desperately needed.

It also often leaves you feeling stuck with whatever your condition is, as though this is how you were born and there is no control over your health destiny. You're "someone with allergies," you have "a bad heart" or "a bad back," or your mother had Alzheimer's, so you probably will, too. The best you can do is manage your (costly) symptoms and settle for a diminished life until it's all over.

How Quantum Health Changes This Paradigm

Because quantum health looks at your health from the atomic scale, we're talking about how everything in your body is composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Electrons interact with photons or LIGHT. 

Since all light carries information or "data," transported on a wavelength (what you often hear in more "new-age" thought or metaphysics referred to as "vibrations"), we now understand that electrical "charge" influences the information passed through your body like it would in a cell phone or car battery, creating "voltage" or "energy" through a medium of water.

In other words, your body is a battery made of water, charged by light (the sun).

This means our eyes, the primary receptor of light, are deeply tied to physiological processes that control our health, like hormone balance, metabolism, fertility status, energy levels, and so much more.

Light is the primary signal that initiates these processes.

Electrons are the primary energy currency of the body.

The water in your body is a medium that transports them (healthy "flow" of electrons).

And mitochondria make deuterium-depleted water and infrared heat that structures the water in your body into its fourth phase—EZ water, as I mentioned in connection with Gerald Pollack above.

This EZ water is a liquid crystal that traps EMFs like light from our internal and external environment. Think of mitochondria as our 6th sense because they allow our body to interact with the limitless sea of electromagnetic information that both surrounds us and penetrates every part of us.

Mitochondria use these trapped EMFs to make second-by-second decisions and communicate with so many other parts of the cell, such as the nuclear DNA, the cytosolic water, and the microbiome.

In short, it means that the quantum perspective sees your health being built on a foundation of four primary things:

  • Light
  • Water
  • Electrons/Magnetism
  • and, Mitochondria

In practice, it means that, in order to heal, you must improve:

  • Your Light Environment:
    • Getting sunlight in your eyes and on your skin at key times of day
    • Blocking artificial light when it's dark out
    • And understanding how red & infrared light help (red light therapy, sauna, etc.)
  • Your Water:
    • Building up the "exclusion-zone" water in your body
    • Avoiding things that reduce it
    • And, tending to your quantum connective tissue, like with compression, which hydrates calcified tissues
  • Your Electron Status:
    • Gathering energy via contact with the Earth's magnetic field
    • Grounding while indoors
    • Creating your own electrons through regular movement, which creates piezoelectricity
    • And learning how to move functionally, so that your body isn't constantly "leaking" electrons in your everyday life (Functional Patterns is a great resource on this)
  • And, Your Mitochondrial Energetics:
    • Mitigating exposure to non-native EMFs
    • Practicing proper breathing techniques
    • Aligning your habits with the seasons (eating locally and seasonally, which relates to seasonal ketosis and deuterium regulation, as well as practicing things like cold therapy)

But What's the "Science" Behind This Way of Thinking?

I knew you'd ask. So, I'm developing a quick but robust guide with links to research you can look into as a resource, in case research is important to you.

Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!

I'll send it out in my newsletter soon, so make sure you're signed up for that.

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