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Quantum Health 101: What is "Quantum Health"? circadian rhythm light quantum biology Aug 30, 2023

If you're new to "quantum health" or have just struggled to communicate what it is when talking to your family and friends about it, I wanted to spend some time today going back to basics.


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The Healing Energy of Shadows biogeometry light sunlight May 18, 2022

In circadian and quantum biology, we often talk about the transformative qualities of sunlight.

We discuss the profound impact of changing light frequencies, from the early morning...

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The Quantum Protocol for Inflammation electrons inflammation light Apr 27, 2022

From the perspective of applied quantum biology, your body wants:

  • Signals from light
  • An abundant input of electrons
  • The unimpeded flowing of these electrons
  • Resonating with coherent fields of...
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Light is a Nutrient ez water light Feb 16, 2022

Sunlight is full of nutrients in the form of different colored wavelengths that signal specific tasks inside the body based on the blend of frequencies, the brightness and time of day.


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Why You Should Find Excuses to Get Outside light pomc scn Jan 05, 2022

Where I live, the weather can change on a dime, going from a beautiful sunny day to foggy and humid, to rainy, cool, and dreary.

Even when the weather isn't ideal and the sun is behind the clouds,...

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