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Which Course Should You Take?

Dec 12, 2023

I get this question all the time, so I thought I'd turn my response into a blog post.

In short:

Whatever resonates with you right now, and whatever your budget allows. Seriously!

In much more detail:
As you might have seen on the home page of my website, all quantum health is built on four essential things:

  1. Light
  2. Water
  3. Electrons/Magnetism
  4. and Mitochondria

I'm in the process of doing a lot of research around love, mindset, æther, and related topics—all of which I'm coming to see as the potential "fifth" or maybe even "unifying" healing mechanism behind each of these four things. But, for now, it's most simple to tell you that the four items listed above are really the foundation of all quantum health advice.

Anything that's symptom-specific—like how to heal your thyroid, my gut health masterclass, or The Adrenal Fatigue Fix, or even someone else's course on the healing effects of sound, or building your leptin sensitivity, or even fertility—is just a deep dive into how dysfunction in your light, water, electrons, and mitochondria affect you in specific ways.

But, at the end of the day, the suggestions for how to improve your health via quantum and circadian biology are (almost entirely!) the SAME, no matter what course you take, or who you take it from.

Why? Because, much of the rest of modern medicine (and even functional medicine) focuses on a broken "part"—your liver, your brain, etc.—and a pill that will fix that, OR which lab test you should do so you can "fix" it with a supplement...

But quantum health is different.

Quantum health is about what's happening at a—quantum level—that then manifests in a specific way in your body. Maybe it's your liver, or maybe it's your brain, or maybe you have mineral deficiencies. But, ultimately, what's underneath that, is a breakdown of your circadian rhythm/light signaling, the water battery in your body, your electron status, and the health of your mitochondria. (And also probably mindset/love/etc. Again, more on that soon, hopefully.)

So, no matter whether you learn from me or you learn from someone else in the "quantum health" world, you'll find that the practical applications of quantum health are incredibly similar. Things like seeing sunlight at key times of day, eating a big protein breakfast, blocking artificial light at the right times, building up the water battery of energy in your body, touching your bare skin to the earth, mitigating exposure to non-native EMFs, etc.

So, how do you decide, then?

As someone trying to learn more about quantum health and how it applies to your life or the lives of your clients, you're generally looking for one of two things:

What is Most Accessible and Makes the Most Sense For You to Learn Right Now
In terms of the courses I offer, here's what to consider (below). When all else fails, check out the links to see the specific lessons included in each offer and if there are specific things that would be helpful for you to learn.

  1. Everything Under the Sun Bundle 
    This saves you an indefinite amount of money but costs you more upfront. So, if you have the money and you just want everything I've ever created and everything I will ever create, then purchase this bundle. It includes all of my courses, including future challenges I run, plus lifetime access to my online community. It's available to purchase in installment payments.

  2. The Quantum Reset
    If you can't afford the full bundle but want my most comprehensive course on quantum health—lots of science, but the granular way to practice quantum health daily/weekly—this is THE COURSE. You'll also get two months of access to my online community to ask me your health questions. It contains three modules you can also buy separately instead if it's more financially accessible for you to do so, OR if you feel you already have one of the module topics down but could use some more knowledge in the others. If you buy one now and decide you want the full course later, you'll get a discount code worth the cost of what you've already purchased. So, there's no need to stress about buying only one now and later wanting the whole thing. It's also available in installment payments.
    1. The Circadian Reset
    2. The Voltage Reset
    3. And, The Mitochondrial Reset

EVERYTHING ELSE is symptom-specific. This is helpful if you can't afford one of the comprehensive options above, or you just want to do, like I said, a deeper dive into the quantum health perspective on one of these specific issues and learn a bit more nuance into the supports I suggest for them.

Now, if you're a PRACTITIONER, I often get asked:

Should I take one of your courses, or should I take the Applied Quantum Biology Certification course from QBC?

The answer is typically the QBC certification. While my Quantum Reset course (which is included in the Everything Under the Sun Bundle) includes a lot of the information we cover in the QBC certification program, QBC is MUCH more focused on the science behind quantum health suggestions AND how you integrate quantum biology into your practice—not just how you follow quantum health principles in your own life for better health.

Being QBC certified is also the only way you can now:

  • Become BOARD CERTIFIED in Quantum Biology, which will further validate your practice
  • Qualify to apply to my Practitioner Mentorship Program, which will help you take what you learn in the QBC certification and actually begin to work with clients to help them apply quantum health in their lives

And, Consider Who You Prefer to Learn From

What you'll find differs among practitioners, clinicians, and coaches in quantum health is their particular:

  • Expertise—like if they have a specific skill set or training modality: Are they a dentist, or do they have a background in nutrition, etc., that's more or less helpful for or resonant with you?
  • Communication Skills—are they really great at social media, or do they thrive more in 1:1 interactions? Are they good at speaking to people with a high level of scientific or industry knowledge, or do they make things easy for the "average Joe" to understand?
  • Personality—like the way they present this work: Are they more comedic or more scientific? Do they feel inclusive or divisive? Do they make you feel like asking questions is easy or is it intimidating to speak up?
  • Lens and/or BiasesEveryone has strong opinions about certain things, based on their life experience, values, and worldview. Do you generally feel aligned with this person's lens? Can you deal with or talk to them about whatever blind spots they might have? Are they open to genuine feedback?

Think of it like going to med school...

You'll learn a lot of the same basics from most places, but the reason you choose one over another is often how it makes you feel, if they teach in a specific area of expertise you're looking to study (the lungs, the heart, etc.), or if they view the world through a particular lens.

Want something pretty scientific?
Jack Kruse, myself, Peter Forhan, Kelley Erickson, and Dr. Sara Pugh are all incredible options.

Want to learn about fertility, hormones, leptin issues, etc.?
Sarah Kleiner's work is perfect for you!

Need to bolster your knowledge about the quantum way to work out?
Sarah Kleiner is a great option here, too, but so is Functional Patterns.

Want to learn about quantum health from a lot of different angles?
Check out the Quantum Biology Collective podcast!

I know it can feel overwhelming because of all the options. But, the reason I detail all of this for you is to hopefully leave you feeling a couple of things...

Ease and calm.

Because, again, the short answer to what to buy into if you're looking to learn about quantum health is relatively simple...

What works for you right now, and what does your budget allow?

I hope this is helpful to you as you decide.

But if now isn't the right time for you to buy anything, don't worry. You can ALWAYS access a ton of free content from me on:

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