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The Healing Energy of Shadows

biogeometry light sunlight May 18, 2022
An image of trees casting shadows through a dark forest floor, with an opening in the middle that's too bright to decipher what's ahead.

In circadian and quantum biology, we often talk about the transformative qualities of sunlight.

We discuss the profound impact of changing light frequencies, from the early morning sunlight—especially sunrise and UVA-rise—to the importance of the midday sun and UVB light, like at solar noon, to the calming hues of sunset.

These solar rhythms regulate our internal clocks, elevate thyroid function, mitigate pain and inflammation, enhance blood pressure, facilitate Vitamin D synthesis, and more.

Yet, amid all this talk of light, we rarely acknowledge the subtle power of shadows.

Recently, I embarked on an exploration of Ibrahim Karim's work and the intriguing realm of Biogeometry. Unlike the conventional focus on the electromagnetic spectrum and sunlight, Karim's research delves into more subtle frequencies historically referred to as chi, qi, prana, vital force, and life energy.

Karim's groundbreaking work doesn't rely on sophisticated instruments but instead employs the ancient art of physical radiesthesia. This approach does not diminish the significance of his discoveries, which include a remarkable revelation about the often-overlooked benefits of immersing oneself in shadows.

Let's unveil some of Karim's findings:

1. Shadows of Natural Objects:
Shadows cast by natural elements such as trees, bushes, or mountains touching the Earth possess a profound, healing, and grounding energy.

2. Nature's Shadowy Side:
Even the shadowed facets of natural objects, like a substantial rock, emit the same energy conducive to healing and balance.

3. The Healing Power of Tree Shadows:
Seating oneself on natural terrain beneath the sheltering canopy of a tree's shadow constitutes an exceptionally effective practice for healing and restoring energy equilibrium. Karim likens this experience to being in a sacred power spot, where the harmonious forces of nature converge to rejuvenate both mind and body.

4. Embracing Earth's Nocturnal Veil:
Experiencing Earth's shadow during the nighttime, such as sleeping "under the stars," revitalizes and regenerates our psychological and biological functions.

5. Artificial Light and Healing:
Surprisingly, even artificial light casting the shadow of a natural object (such as a potted plant) onto the body imparts healing and centering energy. From the shadow's perspective, the type of light is inconsequential, although I certainly prefer natural light (for many reasons I so often speak about)!

These profound insights have heightened my awareness of the subtle energies present in our surroundings. They have inspired me to make conscious changes in my daily life, such as adorning my windowsills with thriving green plants and creating inviting spaces in my yard where I can recline on the cool grass beneath the dappled shade of a tree. These simple yet profound moments of shadow immersion have made me acutely aware of their healing benefits.

In a world often fixated on the brilliance of the sun, we easily overlook the tranquil embrace of shadows. As we explore the realms of Biogeometry and heed Ibrahim Karim's wisdom, we come to recognize that shadows are not mere voids; they are repositories of healing energy, gateways to equilibrium, and portals to the hidden dimensions of physical and psychological balance.

So, the next time you find yourself enveloped in the gentle coolness of a shadow, take a moment to appreciate the subtleties at play. Embrace the sense of rejuvenation, grounding, and centering that shadows offer.

Perhaps it's yet another way that nature teaches us the importance of embracing both light and dark. Of building Vitamin D in the summer and melatonin in the winter. Of recognizing that all of nature—not just what seems easy and bright, but also what seems hard and dark, offer healing benefits of different kinds.

There's no need to supplement when we realize that life has built-in natural cycles that provide us everything we need.

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