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The Quantum Protocol for Inflammation

electrons inflammation light Apr 27, 2022
A dark volcano oozes and spouts out glowing orange lava with rivers of lava around it.

From the perspective of applied quantum biology, your body wants:

  • Signals from light
  • An abundant input of electrons
  • The unimpeded flowing of these electrons
  • Resonating with coherent fields of energy/information

Light signals sync up every process in the body. Morning time outside is especially important in establishing a circadian rhythm and having more energy, motivation, and focus throughout the day.

The input of adequate electrons via things like Earthing and allowing the unadulterated flow of electrons, which is especially dependent on tissue hydration, is another key part of maintaining energy and communication throughout the body.

The final aspect of having a thriving quantum body is being surrounded by healing fields.

The strategies that go along with these things are what I try to emphasize every day for my health, the health of my family, my clients, and everyone who follows me.

Unfortunately, these days, most "healing" deals with surgery or drugs which do not address the root cause.

For example, gallbladder surgery takes out an inflamed gallbladder, but is this a cure?

Drugs or supplements that may lower inflammation and stimulate bile flow to improve a sluggish gallbladder. Is this a cure?

The quantum perspective:

  • Anything that "flows" in the body (blood, lymph, bile, etc) is impacted by EZ water.
  • Sluggish bile flow suggests a lack of EZ.
  • When EZ is diminished, tissue stiffness occurs, flow decreases, inflammation increases.

Think about all the conditions in which one or more of these things occur.

So, the quantum "protocol" for inflammation includes:

  • grounding daily as much as possible
  • getting sunlight on your skin and in your eyes (without burning)
  • creating EZ water via infrared heat (CT/exercise/panels/sauna/sunlight)
  • minimizing things that destroy EZ water/fascia (glyphosate, fluoride, nnEMF)
  • being surrounded by healing Fields (nature, loving people, soothing sounds)
  • minimal exposure to destructive fields (wifi, cell phone radiation, negative people)
  • moving regularly, in unique ways, to improve tissue hydration and electron flow throughout the body
  • seeing yourself thriving (mindset is essential)

The symphony of signals from light, the abundant influx of electrons, their unimpeded flow, and harmonizing with resonant fields are the keys that unlock our body's quantum potential. As we bask in the morning light, ground ourselves to the Earth, and nurture an environment of healing energy, we align with the quantum blueprint for vitality. Let this quantum perspective illuminate our path, redirecting us from mere symptomatic relief to addressing the root causes. By fostering the flow of electrons, enhancing coherence, and embracing the profound interplay of quantum forces, we not only envision but manifest a reality where quantum health thrives—a realm of equilibrium, energy, and endless potential.

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