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How Living Indoors Disconnects Us From Our Vital Energy Source: Electrons

earthing electrons nature Mar 09, 2022
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Electrons are an essential currency of the body.

Modern indoor living divorces us from key electron-rich sources.

But electrons are an essential currency in our bodies, playing a crucial role in various cellular functions. Let's explore the significance of electrons and the impact of staying disconnected from their rich sources.

  1. Earth's Abundant and Renewed Supply of Electrons:
    The Earth's surface brims with a boundless and continually replenished reservoir of mobile electrons, courtesy of lightning discharges. These electrons serve as a profound source of natural energy that can nourish our cells and optimize our overall well-being.

  2. Electrons in the Mitochondria: Powering Cellular Health:
    Within our cells, electrons are instrumental in the mitochondrial electron transport chain. This chain facilitates the production of water, carbon dioxide (CO2), and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - the cellular energy currency. The mitochondrial ability to carry out this process directly impacts the cell's health and functionality.

  3. Maintaining Cellular Membrane Potential:
    Cellular membranes require a steady supply of electrons to maintain their "membrane potential." This net negative charge within the cell's interior is crucial for optimal cellular function, supporting communication between cells and facilitating essential processes.

  4. Extracellular Matrix - The Body's Electron Reservoir:
    The extracellular matrix, the spaces between cells, holds a substance known as "ground substance." This substance serves as a body-wide reservoir of electrons, playing a pivotal role in maintaining electrical homeostasis and preparedness for inflammation throughout the organism.

  5. Zeta Potential - Enabling Healthy Blood Flow:
    Healthy red blood cells exhibit a "halo" of electrons around their surface, termed zeta potential. This unique charge creates repulsive forces between red blood cells, preventing clumping and promoting smooth blood flow, which is vital for cardiovascular health.

  6. Earthing - Connecting with Nature's Electrons:
    Electrons naturally flow from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration. As humans, we are smaller than the Earth's surface, allowing electrons to flow from the Earth into our bodies. Through our connective tissue and EZ water, which act as semiconductors, we effectively conduct these electrons, benefiting various aspects of our physiology.

    Studies on Earthing have shown that electrons flow to red blood cells to optimize zeta potential, travel to sites of inflammation to exhibit antioxidant effects, and fill the ground substance to create a reservoir of charge, promoting electrical homeostasis and inflammatory preparedness.

Our intimate connection with electrons is undeniable, as they fuel essential processes within our bodies. Electrons play a crucial role in maintaining cellular health, promoting optimal blood flow, and creating a reservoir of charge in our extracellular matrix. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle often isolates us from these vital electrons, leading to cellular dysfunction and unchecked inflammation.

As we seek to nurture our health, let us not forget the significance of grounding ourselves and reconnecting with nature. By stepping outside, allowing our skin to touch the Earth, and embracing the electron-rich environment, we can replenish our bodies with this essential currency and revitalize our well-being. It's time to prioritize our connection with nature's electrons and unleash the full potential of our physiology for a healthier and more vibrant life.

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