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Your Body is a Battery: How You're Charged by Electrons

electrons Apr 20, 2022
A photo of two battery cells facing each other in a dark space with white electrical charges flashing between them.

Our bodies function much like rechargeable batteries, relying on the flow of electrons to maintain cellular vitality and overall health. Without the regular replenishment of these essential particles, much like failing to charge a cell phone, our bodies suffer.

But how do we gather, store, and utilize electrons? What role does electron flow play in our overall well-being? 

From heartbeats to brainwaves, the electrical impulses at the core of our biology depend on the flow of electrons. Our ability to gather, store, and utilize these particles substantially determines our ability to maintain optimal health. Just as a cell phone battery requires regular charging, our bodies require consistent replenishment of electrons to maintain the delicate balance of cellular processes.

Electrons are stored in various ways within our bodies, including exclusion zone water and cell membranes. Exclusion zone water, the fourth phase of water beyond liquid, gas, and solid, is also known as EZ water. It's a gel-like substance that holds negatively charged ions and is generated by infrared radiation and grounded electricity. Cell membranes, which consist of lipid bilayers with hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails, effectively act as mini-capacitors, holding electrons until needed.

When electrons flow freely, they generate electromagnetic fields that promote cellular health. However, modern indoor living limits our ability to gather electrons, inhibiting the natural process of electron collection. Several techniques can support electron gathering, including infrared exposure, grounding, DHA consumption, UV light exposure, and movement.

On the flip side, electron stealers can hinder electron collection. One of the most significant electron stealers is WiFi, which slows or interrupts the electron flow. Limiting exposure to these electronic devices is essential in promoting electron collection.

Electron flow must be unobstructed for optimal cell function. The result of a blockage in the flow of electrons is impaired cellular function. Scar tissue, physical or emotional trauma, dehydrated cells, misfolded fascia, and vertebral misalignment are all common factors that hinder electron flow.

Several somatic and fascia release techniques and emotional release techniques can support electron flow by addressing these obstructions. Therapeutic practices like EFT, massage, and chiropractic care can help promote free and smooth electron flow through these respective techniques.

Mitochondria are cell organelles responsible for generating ATP, which powers the cells in our bodies. In the mitochondria, electrons combine with oxygen to produce water, energy in the form of ATP, and infrared radiation. When electron flow is unobstructed, we experience a constant supply of oxygen, improving the production of water in our mitochondria.

Furthermore, enhancing our electron storage capacity by increasing water and infrared exposure can create an environment conducive to optimal electron flow.

When electrons flow within our bodies, they generate a magnetic field that plays a critical role in forming the biofield. Our biofield, described as a torus flow of energy, surrounds and permeates our bodies like a magnetic field. The significance of electron voltage and the free flow of electrons can create our biofield. However, other factors, such as the power of love and emotions, are also essential in promoting free electron flow.

The interrelation between electron flow and the biofield poses fascinating questions that challenge our understanding of ourselves and our connection to the world around us. As we explore the mysteries of electrons and flow, we also open doors to new possibilities for optimizing our health and embracing the profound interplay of science and spirituality.


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