Hydration Masterclass: The Healing Power of Water

Here's what you'll learn over the course of this three-hour replay recording:

  • How to restore water back to a healing substance.
  • The incredible emerging science about what drinking structured, living water can do to support your ability to heal and thrive.
  • How water alone has been used to heal a wide amount of chronic diseases.
  • How water has memory, is conscious, and is continually responding to its environment.
  • The effects modern living has had on the water we drink and the water inside of our bodies.
  • And, the future potential of water as a healing modality, powerful energy source, and more.

It's a beautiful blend of modern science and esoteric wisdom that joins the chorus of many ancient cultures and modern wisdom-keepers to elevate water to its rightful place in our world as the life giving and sustaining liquid it truly is.

In purchasing, you get
 lifetime access to the replay recording as well as a PDF of all the presentation slides.

$97.00 USD