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Suffer from SIBO? Leaky gut? Constipation or diarrhea? Food sensitivities or intolerances? Low stomach acid or acid reflux issues? Gas and bloating? Skin issues or even graying hair?

By now, you're likely aware of how connected gut health is to our overall health, and might have even heard your gut referred to as your "second" or even your "first" brain, given how substantially your gut and brain are connected.

But why do so many individuals, even after learning this information and going through various "gut healing" protocols—like 4R, GAPS, Elemental Diets, and more—still suffer from digestive distress, mineral deficiencies, and other gut-related problems? 

If you're someone who's tried a lot of things to heal your gut and have yet to make real, tangible improvements, you might need to give healing through the "quantum" perspective a try. This involves things like circadian rhythms (light in your eyes and on your skin, and how this affects your gut health), and much more.

But, that doesn't mean I won't give you other practical tools—like when some supplements or digestive supports are needed—or walk you through other modalities to truly improve your digestion (and therefore your overall health).

In this comprehensive masterclass with more than two hours of content on gut health, you'll learn about:

  • Circadian Rhythms and Light on the Skin (38 mins)
    This covers:

    • How your circadian rhythm impacts your gut health
    • How circadian disruption can lead to gut motility issues, leaky gut, gut dysbiosis, and irritable bowel conditions
    • The role of the gut microbiome in circadian signaling and its optimization based on time of day
    • The influence of light on the gut microbiome, including light entering the eyes and light touching the skin
    • The positive impact of ultraviolet (UV) light and red light therapy on the gut microbiome and gut inflammation
    • The importance of circadian eating
    • Practices to optimize circadian rhythms and promote gut health
    • And the benefits of practicing an early fueling window and a limited eating window

  • The Parasympathetic State, Cephalic Phase Digestion, and More (53 mins)
    This covers:
    • The importance of being in a parasympathetic state for digestion
    • Activating the vagus nerve through specific activities
    • Why mindful eating and thorough chewing matter and how to do it
    • The process of digestion from the mouth to the small intestine
    • The role of stomach acid in digestion
    • Optimizing gut motility to prevent issues like SIBO and reflux
    • Identifying and eliminating trigger foods
    • Using supplements to support stomach acid production
    • The importance of zinc for stomach acid production
    • Temporary supplementation with DGL for GERD or heartburn symptoms
    • The benefits of DGL synergy for gut health
    • Strategies to improve gut motility
    • Herbs, digestive bitters, and other lifestyle supports to help stimulate gut motility

  • Additional Support for Leaky Gut (25 mins)
    This covers:
    • Severe leaky gut and the need for additional support
    • Optimizing factors for promoting gut health
    • Strategies to heal leaky gut, including fasting and consuming resistant potato starch
    • The role of glyphosate in causing leaky gut and gut dysbiosis
    • An introduction of colostrum as a supplement for gut repair
    • Consistency and avoiding food intolerances for maintaining gut health
    • A reassessment of gut health after implementing strategies for three months

  • And, What Your Poop May Be Telling You (15 mins)
    This covers:
    • The importance of understanding bowel movements
    • Poop as an external expression of your body's functioning
    • Factors to evaluate in your poop
    • How to use the poop chart or Bristol stool chart
    • Ideal transit time and the risks of chronic constipation
    • The risks of having more than three loose and watery bowel movements per day
    • The process of pooping and the role of sphincter muscles
    • The importance of not ignoring the urge to poop
    • The benefits of using a squatty potty
    • Evaluation of poop color and its potential indications
    • Effects of certain foods and medications on poop color
    • Brief discussion on poop smell and its potential indication

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For anyone who purchases the masterclass before Monday, April 29th at 4pm ET, when the call starts, you can join me for a live Q&A session where I'll answer all of your gut health-related questions. 

The Q&A replay video will then be available for life to you and anyone else who purchases after the call is over. Simply access the replay video in the same location in your account as the other masterclass content.

Note that the replay will also captions and the ability to search for key words so you can see if I answered any Qs that come up for you while watching the masterclass!

Everyone who purchases will get:

  • Lifetime access to the masterclass video lessons accessed via your account on my site
  • Lifetime access to the closing Q&A replay video (posted soon after it concludes on April 29, 2024)
  • A PDF download of my presentation decks during each lesson for reference
  • Audio files for each lesson to listen to instead, if you'd like (.mp3)
  • Unedited English transcripts if you prefer or need to read along instead (.txt) — not edited for grammar, spelling, or accuracy of any kind, but still useful if reading is easier for you than watching or listening


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