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Thyroid Function, Circadian Rhythm, and Mitochondrial Health

circadian rhythm mitochondria thyroid Apr 13, 2022

It is no secret that thyroid disorders, circadian rhythm disruption, and mitochondrial dysfunction are all on the rise. But what if I told you that these three seemingly unrelated conditions are intricately intertwined through the delicate balance of hormones? 

Let's explore.

Circadian Light: Illuminating the Path to Hormone Health

Light, the giver of life, has a profound impact on our bodies. As the sun rises, its rays enter our eyes and set off a chain reaction that influences hormone production in our mitochondria. It all begins with the crucial hormone T3, which plays a significant role in the orchestra of hormonal balance. But here's the catch: T3 requires morning light to unleash its potential.

As the first rays of sunlight bathe our surroundings, their composition holds the key to activating our hypothalamus and guiding the course of hormone health. This process occurs via a non-visual pathway called the retino-hypothalamic tract. By entering our eyes, light signals the hypothalamus and the autonomic nervous system, initiating a cascade of events that will influence our endocrine pathways.

Unveiling the Hypothalamic Concert: Thyroid-Releasing Hormone and TSH

Among the many endocrine pathways controlled by the hypothalamus, one stands out: thyroid hormone production. The hypothalamus stimulates the production of thyroid-releasing hormone (TRH), which then prompts the pituitary gland to produce thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). Ultimately, TSH sends the message to the thyroid gland, urging it to unleash its thyroid hormone reserves, primarily the hormone T4. However, T4's impact is only fully realized once it is converted to the mighty T3.

While T4 holds potential, its transformative journey to T3 can be fraught with obstacles. The delicate dance between stress, zinc, and selenium can influence this conversion process, shaping gene expression, mitochondrial function, metabolism, and more. By understanding these factors, we can shed light on potential causes of imbalances in thyroid hormones and their far-reaching implications.

But there's more to the eye's connection with thyroid hormone production. Enter POMC, a brain protein whose activation is triggered by morning UV light. This activation sets off a sequence of events that includes the creation of alpha-MSH, a powerful player that directly influences thyroid activity, specifically TRH and T3. This intricate pathway also intersects with leptin, forging a fascinating link between metabolic regulation and thyroid health.

Mitochondria: The Powerhouses Behind Hormonal Harmony

Thyroid hormones bring a surge of energy and vitality to our bodies, largely due to their heightened activity within the mitochondria. These cellular powerhouses generate infrared heat, offering an explanation for the familiar connection between feeling cold all the time and hypothyroidism. But that's not all—mitochondria also play a pivotal role in cellular voltage and oxygen levels. Their interplay with cytochrome C oxidase and mitochondrial electron flow determines the delicate equilibrium in our cells' energetic dance.

Nature's wisdom never ceases to amaze. The connection between thyroid disorders, circadian rhythm disruption, and mitochondrial dysfunction through the lens of hormone balance is a testament to the intricacy of our bodies. By unraveling these threads, we gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms that shape our health. The journey towards hormonal harmony may still hold mysteries, but armed with knowledge, we can navigate the complexities and strive for true well-being.

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