Heal Your Thyroid

The cost for this webinar replay is self-determined. Before switching to this model of pricing, the estimated value was $47. If that seems too high or too low for you, you may choose another amount. If your budget is genuinely tight, please choose less with my sincere blessing. If you feel affluent, go ahead and up it to a level similar to other courses of this nature. I trust you to choose the amount that feels right and fair, that represents a real commitment, and that respects your financial circumstances. For some people, that amount might be zero, in which case please feel free to choose that amount. After you've purchased, if you feel so compelled, you may always come back to offer me a tip out of gratitude, but it is neither expected nor required.

About the Webinar

This three-hour webinar replay is about the quantum perspective on how to heal your thyroid and to have (and maintain) healthy thyroid function.

Whether you struggle with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, hyperthyroidism, or thyroid nodules, or just want to learn how to keep your thyroid functioning well, purchase this three-hour replay, to hear:

  • How to optimize quantum & light signaling for your thyroid to function best
  • Your thyroid and cold thermogenesis
  • How red light therapy supports your thyroid
  • Which key wavelengths are needed on a daily basis to support healthy thyroid levels
  • And, some more classic topics regarding thyroid health: iodine, other minerals, leaky gut support, & much more

When you purchase, you'll receive lifetime access to the replay inside your Library on my site.

The webinar replay also comes with accessibility and learning needs built-in—

  • The video is fully searchable by keyword/topic.
  • All lessons are broken up into SHORT chunks, usually between 5-10 minutes.
  • Your progress will be saved, so no need to remember where you left off.
  • The video has captions you can turn off/on.
  • It includes a downloadable English transcript in .txt format.
  • I hope to add a downloadable Spanish transcript in the future.
  • It also includes a downloadable .mp3 audio file if you'd like to listen rather than watch.
  • And the video can be slowed down to as low as .5x speed or up to 2x speed in .25x increments, depending on your learning needs.


Cost: Self-Determined (See Details on This Page)