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Cymatics, Sound, & the Water Network in Your Body

cymatics ez water sound Mar 23, 2022
An up-close image of water frozen on glass into geometric shapes.

Cymatics, the mesmerizing creation of geometric patterns in water through specific frequencies, offers a glimpse into the profound relationship between vibration, geometry, and information.

As we explore the fascinating world of cymatics, we begin to unravel its ties to the intricate water network within our bodies, where structured water receives frequency information from the environment and imprints it into patterns.

  1. The Elegance of Cymatic Geometry in Water:
    Remarkably, only certain frequencies have the ability to induce these captivating and coherent cymatic patterns in water. The connection between vibration and geometry highlights how frequency dictates form and function, impacting everything from molecular structures to cellular physiology.

  2. Water's Profound Role in Information Imprinting:
    The water within our bodies acts as a receptive medium, imprinted with cymatic geometry from the frequencies in our environment. Though we may not perceive these frequencies directly, water provides a unique way for us to interact with them, making it a pivotal element in shaping our cellular responses and overall health.

  3. The Impact of Nature's Frequencies on Coherence:
    Our environment is saturated with frequencies, some of which can create beautiful coherent cymatic patterns within our bodies. Immersing ourselves in nature allows us to benefit from these harmonious frequencies, fostering a sense of coherence in our cellular physiology.

To drive coherence and enhance our connection with cymatics, consider the following practices:

  1. The Power of Emotions:
    Cymatic imprinting demonstrates the influence of emotions and thoughts on the frequencies we emit. By cultivating emotions like love, gratitude, and joy, we can support coherence in our body's water network, influencing our overall well-being.

  2. The Resonance of Audible Sounds:
    Humming, with its wide array of beneficial frequencies, creates coherent cymatic patterns within the water in our bodies. The act of humming also triggers the production of nitric oxide and subcellular melatonin, both essential for their anti-inflammatory and repair mechanisms.

  3. Transcutaneous Sound Absorption:
    Music has the ability to induce coherent cymatic patterns, increase nitric oxide levels, stimulate the vagus nerve, regulate autonomic tone, and improve the uptake of oxygen by hemoglobin. Embracing sound therapy can help counteract the chaos of our modern frequency environment, which is rife with fear, hatred, radiation, city noise, and artificial light.

In a world where frequencies bombard us incessantly, cultivating coherence through the principles of cymatics becomes an essential endeavor. By understanding the profound connection between vibration and water, we can harness the power of harmonious frequencies to enhance our cellular physiology and overall health. Let us embrace the elegant symphony of cymatics and immerse ourselves in the healing frequencies of nature to achieve true coherence amidst the dissonance of our modern lives.

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