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The Crucial Role of EZ Water for Optimum Health and Cellular Function

ez water Mar 16, 2022
Shiny cellophane in blue, pink, and purple hues that look a bit like liquid crystalline water.

If you've been following me for a while, you likely understand the significance of EZ water within our bodies and its profound connection to the quantum field.

EZ water, also known as Exclusion Zone water or structured water, plays a crucial role in maintaining our cellular health and ensuring various essential processes.

Let's delve into the fascinating ways in which adequate EZ water impacts our health and explore some recommendations to maintain this essential aspect of our physiology.

  1. Intracellular and Extracellular Charges:
    Maintaining Membrane Potential Adequate EZ water allows for the proper distribution of ions in both the cytosol and extracellular matrix, ensuring the perfect membrane potential. This intricate balance of charges facilitates optimal cellular function, creating an environment that promotes health and vitality.

  2. Oxygen Delivery to Cells:
    The Key Role of EZ Water EZ water is pivotal in maintaining the appropriate negative voltage within cells. This charge is essential for enabling oxygen to readily enter the cells, supporting cellular respiration and energy production. When voltage drops, oxygen levels decrease, leading to cellular dehydration and compromising overall cellular health.

  3. Preserving Electron Flow in the Mitochondrial ETC:
    Between the mitochondrial electron transport chain (ETC) proteins, EZ water plays a critical role in preserving electron flow. The well-spaced ETC complexes allow efficient electron tunneling. When these complexes space out too far, electrons are "lost," leading to inflammation, reduced water, and ATP production, and faulty signaling to the DNA, contributing to various health issues.

  4. Unlocking the Body's Battery of Potential Energy:
    EZ water creates a battery of potential energy throughout the body, formed through charge separation. This energy reservoir serves as a primary source of power, surpassing the importance of ATP in our cellular processes.

  5. The Sixth Sense for Electromagnetic Fields:
    Beyond its role in cellular function, EZ water acts as our sixth sense by acting as an antenna for electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of information. It traps EMFs, enabling us to respond and adapt to our environment in real time.

In my clinical practice, I've observed that a lack of EZ water has been associated with various health conditions, including leaky gut, cancer, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, chronic fatigue, metabolic syndrome, anxiety, depression, chronic stiffness and pain, poor heart rate variability (HRV), chronic inflammation, and detoxification issues. The significance of maintaining adequate EZ water cannot be overstated.

To preserve this vital aspect of our physiology, here are some recommendations:

  1. Sunlight Exposure:
    Allow sunlight to touch your skin, as it stimulates the formation of EZ water.

  2. Heat-Generating Exercise:
    Engage in physical activities that generate heat within the body, promoting EZ water production.

  3. Sauna with Low EMF:
    Sauna sessions with low electromagnetic fields can support EZ water formation.

  4. Grounding:
    Connect with the Earth's surface to enhance the presence of EZ water in your body.

  5. IR/Red Light Panels:
    Utilize infrared and red light panels to stimulate EZ water production.

  6. Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Quinton Minerals:
    Incorporate substances like fulvic acid, humic acid, and Quinton minerals, known to promote EZ water formation.

  7. Consume Healthy Fats:
    Include healthy fats like butter, ghee, and coconut in your diet, which can support EZ water production.

  8. Minimize nnEMF Exposure:
    Reduce your exposure to non-native electromagnetic fields (nnEMFs) to preserve EZ water's integrity.

  9. Regular Movement Breaks:
    Take regular movement breaks throughout the day to encourage EZ water formation.

  10. Avoid Glyphosate and Fluoride:
    Minimize exposure to glyphosate and fluoride, as they can hinder EZ water formation.

  11. Embrace Cold Plunges:
    Engage in cold plunges or cold thermogenesis, as it supports EZ water formation and overall cellular health.

EZ water plays a fundamental role in maintaining optimum health and cellular function. Its impact on oxygen delivery, electron flow, and the body's energy reservoir underscores its significance.

By incorporating simple lifestyle changes and mindful practices, we can nurture the presence of EZ water in our bodies, unlocking its potential for enhanced well-being and improved cellular health

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