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Cellular Health in the EMF Age: Safeguarding Against Harmful nnEMFs

cold therapy emfs ez water Mar 30, 2022
A dark image with golden threads of light that look like EMF signals.

In our modern world, we are bombarded by non-native electromagnetic fields (nnEMFs) at an unprecedented level, exposing us to 10-to-the-18th times more radiation than a century ago. These invisible waves of electromagnetic energy come from WiFi, cell phones, smart technologies, and other sources. While Big Industry argues that nnEMFs are harmless because they're non-ionizing, numerous studies show their detrimental effects at the cellular level.

One way nnEMFs harm our cells is by reducing structured water, known as EZ water, and disrupting the proteins that rely on it. Additionally, nnEMFs flood the cell with excessive intracellular calcium, triggering a danger signal. This leads to the generation of damaging radicals, causing chaos within the cell and compromising its function. The cell's metabolic shift towards glycolysis, a cancer-like state, can result from this cell danger response.

To protect ourselves from nnEMF exposure, there are several strategies we can adopt:

  1. Limit EMF Exposure: Whenever possible, avoid EMF exposure, especially at night. Put cell phones in airplane mode and unplug the Wi-Fi router during sleep hours.

  2. Keep Devices Away from You: Keep cellular and Wi-Fi devices as far away from your body as possible. For example, using air pods close to the head may expose us to higher levels of nnEMF.

Another approach to mitigate the effects of EMF exposure is by rebuilding EZ water. EZ water acts as a first-line defense and can create a natural Faraday cage, blocking out some harmful nnEMFs. Ensuring proper cellular hydration with sufficient EZ water in and around our cells may help reduce the harm caused by nnEMF exposure.

One way to do that is through cold showers, baths, or walks. Cold exposure prompts mitochondria to generate heat and produce more EZ water. This can aid in rebuilding the structured water within our cells.

In conclusion, non-ionizing radiation from nnEMFs poses a hidden threat to our cellular health. Despite industry claims of safety, scientific evidence reveals the detrimental impact on cellular function. By implementing strategies to limit EMF exposure and focusing on rebuilding EZ water, we can take proactive steps to safeguard our cellular health in the modern world. Let us stay informed and prioritize our cellular well-being amidst the ever-increasing sea of electromagnetic fields.


For further insights into protecting oneself from harmful EMFs, I recommend exploring the work of Nick Pineault, one of my close colleagues and an expert in this field.

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