3-Session Coaching Package

My available time slots for 1:1 coaching calls of any type are EXTREMELY limited. You can often ask questions faster and at a lower cost by joining my online community, Living Quantum-ly, instead. I highly encourage you to try that first and then determine whether you still need a 1:1 call! Plus, I prefer to do 1:1 coaching calls with those I know have a good, basic understanding of quantum biology in order to maximize our 1:1 time together, so joining the community first is a great place to start.

BUT, if you still feel you need 1:1 time, read below for more details!

Looking for guidance, support, and a unique protocol designed for you based on circadian and quantum biology?

Work one-on-one with Carrie in three separate virtual sessions.

Individual sessions are typically $289 each, so buying a three-session package saves you $68.

After checkout, you'll be taken to a screen to log into your account on my site. From there, you'll see the "3-Session Coaching Package" appear in your Library. Click "Access Now" and then you'll see my calendar availability so you can schedule. That's when you'll also let me know details about what you'd like to chat about. But don't worry, I'll send all of this info in an email after you purchase, too.

$799.00 USD