The Circadian Reset: Use Light to Heal

Every "Light" lesson from my Quantum Reset course, but sold separately.

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About the Course

If you've ever wanted to get my most comprehensive lessons on light without needing to purchase my full Quantum Reset course, this is your chance!

In it, you'll get:

LIFETIME ACCESS to the self-paced video lessons, PLUS any content I add in the future!
Currently, around 3.5 hours of course content. I add to this content regularly, as well. And all course lessons have accessibility and learning needs built in—

  • All lessons are fully searchable by keyword/topic (details below).
  • All lessons are broken up into SHORT chunks, usually between 5-10 minutes.
  • Your progress will be saved in any lesson you watch, so no need to remember where you left off.
  • All lessons include English video captions you can turn off/on.
  • All lessons include downloadable English transcripts in .txt format.
  • I hope to add downloadable Spanish transcripts in the future.
  • All lessons include a downloadable .mp3 audio file if you'd like to listen rather than watch.
  • All video lessons can be slowed down to as low as .5x speed or up to 2x speed in .25x increments, depending on your learning needs.

Including 26 video lessons on the many benefits of light and how to use it in daily life:

  • Welcome Video (2 mins)
  • Natural Light vs. Junk Light (8 mins)
  • See the Sunrise (7 mins)
  • See UVA (8 mins)
  • Crack Open Windows (3 mins)
  • UVB on the Skin (5 mins)
  • UV Light, Vitamin D, and Its Benefits (14 mins)
  • Sunlight Over (Vitamin D) Supplements (10 mins)
  • Sunlight on the Skin (8 mins)
  • Why You Should Ditch Sunglasses & Sunscreen (10 mins)
  • How to Build a Solar Callus (10 mins)
  • Red and Infrared Light (3 mins)
  • Sunlight and Hormones (8 mins)
  • Sunlight and Neurotransmitters (8 mins)
  • Sunlight and Leaky Gut (8 mins)
  • POMC (10 mins)
  • Melanin (8 mins)
  • The Benefits of Shade (4 mins)
  • The Benefits of Sunset (5 mins)
  • Blocking Artificial Light at Night & Healthy Indoor Lighting (9 mins)
  • Blue Blockers 101: How to Use Them (8 mins)
  • Blue Blockers 101: How to Choose a Good Pair (8 mins)
  • Why a Dark Sleep Space Is a Necessity (6 mins)
  • Circadian Health for Northern Latitudes (8 mins)
  • Circadian Strategies for the Busy Parent (17 mins)
  • My Day with Light (8 mins)

And, online access to my free product guide. 
Where you get real-time access and updates to my comprehensive list of recommended products in the event you would like to purchase any tools or products I mention throughout the course. The large majority of these come with major discount codes, saving you $$$ when you do decide to purchase anything.

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