Everything Under the Sun Bundle

Purchase every course I've ever created and ever WILL create, FOR LIFE.

Buy right now and save $500 over what you'd purchase in buying all of my existing courses and community access for a year separately. But, what's even better is that—if you buy now—you'd ALSO get access to every course I create in the future, as well as LIFETIME access to my online community, Living Quantum-ly, without ever having to pay again.

So, this bundle includes lifetime access to:

  • Quantum Foundations: Light, Water, Electrons, and Mitochondria (Usually $529)
    I add content to this signature course over time, so you'd always have access to this additional content, as well.
  • The Adrenal Fatigue Fix (Usually $297)
  • Hydration Masterclass: The Healing Power of Water (Usually $97)
  • Mitochondrial Healing Masterclass (Usually $97)
  • Quantum Connective Tissue Masterclass (Usually $97)
  • Heal Your Thyroid Webinar (Usually $47)
  • Gut Healing From a Quantum Perspective Webinar (Usually $47)
  • Quantum Strategies for Anxiety & Depression Webinar (Usually $47) 
  • Taking Advantage of Winter for Better Health Webinar (Usually $47)
  • Shifting Quantum Habits with the Seasons Webinar (Usually $47)

**And all future courses, masterclasses, and webinars I'll ever create later.**

LIFETIME access to my online community, Living Quantum-ly, where I host two live Q&A calls every single week. There are also more than 100 hours (and growing) of fully searchable archived replay videos of past calls for you to watch at any time.

The Only Things This Lifetime Bundle Doesn't Include Are:
Any course I co-teach with other collaborators—

  • Quantum Fertility, taught with Sarah Kleiner
  • Or, the Applied Quantum Biology certification program taught through the Quantum Biology Collective


  • Any 1:1 health coaching
  • Or my Practitioner Mentorship Program

$1,200.00 USD