Everything Under the Sun Bundle

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Purchase every public-facing* course I've ever created and ever WILL create, FOR LIFE.

That's right—purchase once and never have to purchase any of my public-related courses or pay to be a part of my community, Living Quantum-ly, again. They'll be yours forever.

* Public-facing, meaning this does not include any of my practitioner-focuses courses/trainings. The EUTS Bundle includes all of my digital courses for individuals to use for their own health, and not my practitioner trainings, meant to help practitioners work with clients.

So, this bundle includes lifetime access to:

  • The Quantum Reset: Use Light, Water, Electrons, & Mitochondria to Heal (Usually $750)
    I add content to this signature course over time, so you'd always have access to this additional content, as well.

  • It includes all three modules that can also be purchased separately:
    • The Circadian Reset
    • The Voltage Reset
    • And, The Mitochondrial Reset

  • It also now includes all five of my masterclasses, some of which are no longer available for sale individually, but all of which are typically $97 each:
    • EZ Water Masterclass (90-minute class + Q&A replay video)
    • Gut Health Masterclass (two0hour class + Q&A replay video)
    • Hydration Masterclass (3.25hrs)
    • Mitochondrial Healing Masterclass (3hrs)
    • and Quantum Connective Tissue Masterclass (3hrs)

  • The Adrenal Fatigue Fix (Usually $297)
  • Heal Your Thyroid Webinar (Usually $47)
  • Quantum Strategies for Anxiety & Depression Webinar (Usually $47) 
  • Shifting Quantum Habits with the Seasons Webinar (Usually $47)
  • Taking Advantage of Winter for Better Health (Usually $47)

My Prior Seasonal Challenges:

  • Prep for Winter Challenge
  • Spring Reset Challenge

**And all future public-facing courses, webinars, and challenges I'll ever create later.**

LIFETIME access to my online community, Living Quantum-ly, where I host two live Q&A calls every single week. There are also more than 100 hours (and growing) of fully searchable archived replay videos of past calls for you to watch at any time.

All course lessons and masterclasses have accessibility and learning needs built-in—

  • All lessons are fully searchable by keyword/topic.
  • All lessons are broken up into SHORT chunks, usually between 5-10 minutes.
  • Your progress will be saved in any lesson you watch, so no need to remember where you left off.
  • All lessons include English video captions you can turn off/on.
  • All lessons include downloadable English transcripts in .txt format.
  • I hope to add downloadable Spanish transcripts in the future.
  • All lessons include a downloadable .mp3 audio file if you'd like to listen rather than watch.
  • All video lessons can be slowed down to as low as .5x speed or up to 2x speed in .25x increments, depending on your learning needs.

The Only Things This Lifetime Bundle Doesn't Include Are:

Any course I co-teach or events I co-host with other collaborators—

  • Quantum Fertility, taught with Sarah Kleiner
  • The Health Transformation Summit, co-hosted with Sarah Kleiner (or any co-hosted events like it)
  • Or, the Applied Quantum Biology certification program taught through the Institute of Applied Quantum Biology (formerly known as the Quantum Biology Collective)


  • Any 1:1 health coaching
  • Any practitioner-focused courses/trainings, my Practitioner Mentorship Program, or my Ongoing Practitioner Support Group
  • Or any time-bound challenges that have already passed. For example, my late 2023 Prep for Winter Challenge. You WILL have access to any future challenges I run, but I'm not able to give you access to previous challenge content simply because challenges are sent over email and not hosted permanently on my website. The good news is that I will likely repeat similar challenge content each year, so you will end up getting most of this content (if not more) later as I typically improve and/or add to challenges each time I do them.

Put simply: This is lifetime access to MY PUBLIC-RELATED (not practitioner-related) COURSES and COMMUNITY. Anything that falls outside of those two things is NOT included in this bundle!

$1,500.00 USD or more