Quantum Foundations: Water & Electrons Only

Every "Water" & "Electrons" lesson from my Quantum Foundations course, sold separately.

If you've ever wanted to get my most comprehensive lessons on water & electrons without needing to purchase my full Quantum Foundations course, this is your chance!

This includes:
About 2 hours of total content, all about the "water battery" in our bodies and how to charge it daily—

  • We Are Water (12 mins)
  • All About EZ Water in Our Bodies (16 mins)
  • How to Support Our EZ Water (27 mins)
  • Restoring the Water You Drink (12 mins)
  • Intro to Sole Water (6 mins)
  • How to Make Sole Water (9 mins)
  • How to Consume Diluted Sole (7 mins)
  • Why We Need Electrons (6 mins)
  • How to Earth Outdoors (8 mins)
  • How to Ground Indoors (6 mins)
  • Movement Makes Electrons (4 mins)
  • Your Connective Tissue Superhighway (10 mins)

When purchasing, you'll receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all of these lessons, PLUS any additional lessons I add to it over time! Yep—I continue adding content as time goes on, and you'll never have to pay to access new content as it's added.

Want to purchase the rest of Quantum Foundations later? No problem. About a week after you purchase here, I'll shoot you a discount code for $159 off if you decide to get the full course any other time down the road!

$159.00 USD