Quantum Foundations: Mitochondria Only

Every "Mitochondria lesson from my Quantum Foundations course, sold separately.

If you've ever wanted to get my most comprehensive lessons on mitochondria without needing to purchase my full Quantum Foundations course, this is your chance!

This includes:
Nine videos, about 1.5 hours of total content, all teaching mitochondria to thrive by mitigating nnEMFs, using cold plunges, implementing red light therapy, and more!

  • Mitochondria — The Science (21 mins)
  • What Causes Mitochondrial Dysfunction (7 mins)
  • What Restores Mitochondrial Health (2 mins)
  • Circadian Support for Mitochondrial Health (7 mins)
  • Advanced Red Light Therapy (13 mins)
  • Cold Therapy (12 mins)
  • Mitochondrial Support Supplements (11 mins)
  • Breathing (16 mins)
  • Mitigating nnEMFs (13 mins)

When purchasing, you'll receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all of these lessons.

Want to purchase the rest of Quantum Foundations later? No problem. About a week after you purchase here, I'll shoot you a discount code for $159 off if you decide to get the full course any other time down the road!

$159.00 USD