Quantum Foundations: Light, Water, Electrons, and Mitochondria

QUANTUM FOUNDATIONS is Carrie's signature video course for those interested in using quantum and circadian biology to heal and thrive.

In this comprehensive course, you'll get:

Lifetime access to about FIVE HOURS of content (and growing!) that will help you learn about:

  • Light (15 Videos; ~2hrs) 
    The many benefits of light and how to use it in daily life:
    • Natural Light vs. Junk Light (8 mins)
    • See the Sunrise (7 mins)
    • See UVA (8 mins)
    • Crack Open Windows (3 mins)
    • UVB on the Skin (5 mins)
    • Blocking Artificial Light at Night & Healthy Indoor Lighting (9 mins)
    • Red and Infrared Light (3 mins)
    • A Dark Sleep Space is a Necessity (6 mins)
    • How to Build a Solar Callus (10 mins)
    • UV Light, Vitamin D, and Its Benefits (14 mins)
    • Sunlight on the Skin (7 mins)
    • POMC (10 mins)
    • Melanin (8 mins)
    • Circadian Health for Northern Latitudes (8 mins)
    • Circadian Strategies for the Busy Parent (17 mins)

  • Water & Electrons (13 Videos; ~2hrs) 
    All about the "water battery" in our bodies and how to charge it daily:
    • Welcome Video (1 min)
    • We Are Water (12 mins)
    • All About EZ Water in Our Bodies (16 mins)
    • How to Support Our EZ Water (27 mins)
    • Restoring the Water You Drink (12 mins)
    • Intro to Sole Water (6 mins)
    • How to Make Sole Water (8 mins)
    • How to Consume Diluted Sole (6 mins)
    • Why We Need Electrons (6 mins)
    • How to Earth Outdoors (8 mins)
    • How to Ground Indoors (6 mins)
    • Movement Makes Electrons (4 mins)
    • Your Connective Tissue Superhighway (10 mins)

  • Mitochondria (10 Videos; ~1.5hrs)
    How to teach mitochondria to thrive by mitigating nnEMFs, using cold plunges, implementing red light therapy, and more!
    • Welcome Video (3 mins)
    • Mitochondria — The Science (21 mins)
    • What Causes Mitochondrial Dysfunction (7 mins)
    • What Restores Mitochondrial Health (2 mins)
    • Circadian Support for Mitochondrial Health (7 mins)
    • Advanced Red Light Therapy (13 mins)
    • Cold Therapy (12 mins)
    • Mitochondrial Support Supplements (11 mins)
    • Breathing (16 mins)
    • Mitigating nnEMFs (13 mins)

  • And, Downloadable PDFs that summarize all quantum lifestyle suggestions into what an ideal day would look like if you implement everything I teach in these lessons.

 ($29 a month after that):

  • TWO LIVE weekly calls where I answer your questions—ask in advance & watch me answer them in the replay later, or join live. My 1:1 coaching calls are typically $289 each, so this saves you tons of money...2 months of access is ~16 live calls to get your questions answered!
  • More than 100 HOURS of archived replays from previous Live Q&A calls (and growing). Hear my previous answers to everything from the quantum take on cancer to fat loss, from cholesterol to Vitamin D, and so much more.
  • SEARCHABLE Content. Don't want to have to go back and watch full replays to hear my answers to your questions? Want to see every answer I've ever provided on a particular topic or keyword? All content in the community is now fully searchable: Type in a keyword, your name, or anything you'd like to search for, and the system will bring up every single video where that search term is mentioned—and the EXACT time stamps where they're mentioned, as LINKS, so you can hop forward to every response immediately. This means you can also search for your name and hear my answers to your questions each week if you couldn't attend live, without having to listen to the entire replay. It also means that every video has captions + a downloadable transcript.
  • Build relationships with other people interested in quantum biology, ask them questions, & share more resources together.

THAT'S MORE THAN 100 HOURS OF RECORDED CONTENT (and growing!), plus 2 months to join our weekly group calls to hear me answer questions live, as well as all of my Instagram bonus videos!

PLUS! You'll not only get lifetime access to this content when you purchase—you'll get lifetime access to any content I continue to add to the course over time! Yep—I keep adding more lessons as time goes on, and you'll never pay more for it. That's added value for your investment as time goes on.

Prefer to pay in installments instead?

You can also purchase Quantum Foundations by paying two monthly installments of $265 each.

Prefer to get Quantum Foundations in a bundle?
I now have an "Everything Under the Sun Bundle," which not only gets you access to this course, Quantum Foundations, but EVERY SINGLE COURSE I OFFER, as well as every course I ever WILL CREATE in the future, PLUS lifetime access to my online community, Living Quantum-ly.

Can't afford the whole thing now OR need to bolster your knowledge in one of the quantum foundations? You can purchase modules separately here:
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