The Quantum Reset: Use Light, Water, Electrons, & Mitochondria to Heal

The cost for this digital course is self-determined. Before switching to this model of pricing, the estimated value was $750. If that seems too high or too low for you, you may choose another amount. If your budget is genuinely tight, please choose less with my sincere blessing. If you feel affluent, go ahead and up it to a level similar to other courses of this nature. I trust you to choose the amount that feels right and fair, that represents a real commitment, and that respects your financial circumstances. For some people, that amount might be zero, in which case please feel free to choose that amount. After you've purchased, if you feel so compelled, you may always come back to offer me a tip out of gratitude, but it is neither expected nor required.

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Taking this course OR my Adrenal Fatigue Fix course is a PREREQUISITE to becoming a new 1:1 health coaching client of mine!


THE QUANTUM RESET (formerly called Quantum Foundations) is my signature video course for those interested in using quantum and circadian biology to heal and thrive. It is, by far, my most comprehensive course.

In it, you'll get:

LIFETIME ACCESS to 18 HOURS of self-paced video lessons, PLUS any content I add in the future!
Currently, around 9 hours in actual course content, plus 9 hours of bonus masterclasses if and when you want to watch. I add to this content regularly, as well. And all course lessons and masterclasses have accessibility and learning needs built in—

  • All lessons are fully searchable by keyword/topic (details below).
  • All lessons are broken up into SHORT chunks, usually between 5-10 minutes.
  • Your progress will be saved in any lesson you watch, so no need to remember where you left off.
  • All lessons include English video captions you can turn off/on.
  • All lessons include downloadable English transcripts in .txt format.
  • I hope to add downloadable Spanish transcripts in the future.
  • All lessons include a downloadable .mp3 audio file if you'd like to listen rather than watch, but a "podcast"-style version of the course will be granted to you upon purchase, as well. See below.
  • All video lessons can be slowed down to as low as .5x speed or up to 2x speed in .25x increments, depending on your learning needs.



  • A Video on Mindset (7 mins)
    A quick video and practice to set the stage for healing.

  • A Quick-Start Guide (Text Only)
    Since there's SO much information in this course, I provide a guide to help you dive into just the most essential video lessons in each module in case it helps to ease any overwhelm. Each suggested video is directly linked in the guide, making it easy to hop straight to those lessons.

  • The Circadian Reset: Use Light to Heal 
    (26 Video Lessons; ~3.5hrs) 
    The many benefits of light and how to use it in daily life:
    • Welcome Video (2 mins)
    • Natural Light vs. Junk Light (8 mins)
    • See the Sunrise (7 mins)
    • See UVA (8 mins)
    • Crack Open Windows (3 mins)
    • UVB on the Skin (5 mins)
    • UV Light, Vitamin D, and Its Benefits (14 mins)
    • Sunlight Over (Vitamin D) Supplements (10 mins)
    • Sunlight on the Skin (8 mins)
    • Why You Should Ditch Sunglasses & Sunscreen (10 mins)
    • How to Build a Solar Callus (10 mins)
    • Red and Infrared Light (3 mins)
    • Sunlight and Hormones (8 mins)
    • Sunlight and Neurotransmitters (8 mins)
    • Sunlight and Leaky Gut (8 mins)
    • POMC (10 mins)
    • Melanin (8 mins)
    • The Benefits of Shade (4 mins)
    • The Benefits of Sunset (5 mins)
    • Blocking Artificial Light at Night & Healthy Indoor Lighting (9 mins)
    • Blue Blockers 101: How to Use Them (8 mins)
    • Blue Blockers 101: How to Choose a Good Pair (8 mins)
    • Why a Dark Sleep Space Is a Necessity (6 mins)
    • Circadian Health for Northern Latitudes (8 mins)
    • Circadian Strategies for the Busy Parent (17 mins)
    • My Day with Light (8 mins)

  • The Voltage Reset: Hydrate and Charge with Water & Electrons 
    (22 Video Lessons; ~2.5hrs) 
    All about the "water battery" in our bodies and how to charge it daily:
    • Welcome Video (2 mins)
    • What is Voltage and Why Does It Matter for Our Health? (6 mins)
    • EZ Water 101: How the Water Inside Our Bodies Stores Voltage & Charge (8 mins)
    • What Destroys EZ Water & How to Minimize These Things (8 mins)
    • How We Can Support EZ Water in the Body: Infrared Light (9 mins)
    • How We Can Support EZ Water in the Body: EZ-Boosting Foods (6 mins)
    • How Mitochondria Make EZ Water for Us (9 mins)
    • Revitalizing the Water You Drink: Filtering (6 mins)
    • Revitalizing the Water You Drink: Remineralizing (6 mins)
    • Intro to Sole Water (6 mins)
    • How to Make Sole Water (8 mins)
    • How to Consume Diluted Sole (6 mins)
    • Revitalizing the Water You Drink: Structuring & Energizing (10 mins)
    • Hydration 101: How Much to Drink and When (6 mins)
    • Why We Need Electrons (6 mins)
    • How to Earth Outdoors (8 mins)
    • How to Ground Indoors (6 mins)
    • Piezoelectricity: How Movement Makes Electrons (4 mins)
    • Your Quantum Connective Tissue Superhighway (10 mins)
    • What Toxins Destroy the Integrity of Our Quantum Connective Tissue Superhighway (7 mins)
    • The Histamine-Dehydration Connection (11 mins)
    • My Day with Water & Electrons (8 mins)

  • The Mitochondrial Reset: Build Your Redox Potential & Lower Inflammation
    (15 Video Lessons; ~3hrs)
    How to teach mitochondria to thrive by mitigating nnEMFs, using cold plunges, implementing red light therapy, and more!
    • Welcome Video (3 mins)
    • Mitochondria — The Science (21 mins)
    • What Causes Mitochondrial Dysfunction (7 mins)
    • A Deeper Dive Into Mitochondrial Toxins (15 mins)
    • What Restores Mitochondrial Health (2 mins)
    • Circadian Support for Mitochondrial Health (7 mins)
    • Advanced Red Light Therapy (12 mins)
    • Sauna and Other Infrared Therapies (9 mins)
    • Cold Therapy: Part 1 (12 mins)
    • Cold Therapy: Part 2 (13 mins)
    • Methylene Blue and Molecular Hydrogen (16 mins)
    • Breathing (16 mins)
    • The Basics of Mitigating nnEMFs (13 mins)
    • Deuterium Depletion for Mitochondrial Health (13 mins)
    • My Week with Mitochondrial Support Strategies (8 mins)

  • A Summary Sample Day/Week (PDF)
    A short bullet-point list that wraps up all practical habits I recommend throughout your day/week when taking all of this information into account.

  • Transcripts + Audio Lessons
    • At the end of the course, I provide all English transcripts in .txt files in one place so you can download them all at once rather than by individual lesson if you'd like. 
    • The course also now comes with a companion "podcast" version, where you can listen to ALL lessons (including bonus masterclasses) as you would a podcast. You'll receive an email with a private podcast link to add to your favorite podcast player. When you do, you'll see each lesson like you would "episodes" of a podcast and, because of it, can download lessons to listen to offline, which will allow you to listen in Airplane mode on your phone so you can mitigate non-native EMFs while learning!

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Cost: Self-Determined (See Details on This Page)