Practitioner Mentorship Program


Ten weeks of group mentorship for anyone well-versed in quantum and circadian biology, now ready to take your knowledge from the classroom" into real life—actually working with clients.

Like going from med school to residency, but for quantum health.

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You’ve learned all about the what and why of circadian biology:

Through either my Practitioner Pyramid trainings OR the Applied Quantum Biology certification program, you've learned the importance of key light signaling, structured water, our electrical bodies, mitochondrial health, redox potential, and more.


But, now you need to understand the how:

How do you work with clients to reach their goals? What information should you gather from them before a session? What do you do with that data once you have it? What symptoms and issues do you prioritize first? How do you best interpret labwork through a quantum lens? How do you know you’re giving clients good advice?


Whether you’re a new or a seasoned practitioner, mentorship with me will help you learn the specific strategies and approaches I use to move clients from intake to improved health outcomes condensed from 20 years of practice in quantum biology, applied clinical nutrition, massage therapy, and personal training…all while skipping past the early mistakes I made. It's like getting a front-row seat inside my brain, seeing exactly how I analyze client health issues and why I make certain recommendations.

You Could...

  • Feel lost and alone about where to even begin, whether you’re just starting your practice or you’re just starting to integrate quantum health into your existing practice.
  • Spend needless energy doubting whether you’re truly helping your clients with quality insights and recommendations since you have no structure, strategy, or feedback in your work.
  • Spend tons of time learning how to do everything on your own, making unnecessary mistakes.
  • Feel confused about how to weave in all of your areas of expertise into your practice, including but also beyond quantum health.

Or, You Could...

  • Have clear protocols for successfully leading clients through 1:1 work with you.
  • Become a more complete and confident quantum and circadian biology practitioner by using myself and others as a sounding board on your actual clients, hearing about others’ clients, and learning through other real-world scenarios and case studies.
  • Jump perhaps years ahead by getting client wins more quickly and easily without making as many mistakes.
  • See exactly how I continue to pull knowledge from my various modalities and health backgrounds to support my clients even more.

Would you like to...

Be among a cohort of quantum-informed practitioners who can give you feedback on approaching current client concerns and a community of people aligned together at the leading edge of health?

Would you like to...

Become one of the most raved-about clinicians in your field of expertise because you’ll not only have created a truly unique niche by combining your quantum knowledge with your own area of practice (dentistry, massage, etc.), but you’ll also have a clear strategy to help clients achieve real results?

Would you like to...

Get guidance, as well as literal protocols and pre-made templates, from someone in clinical practice for more than 20 years so that you don't have to create it all yourself or spend time searching for templates and strategies online?




Early-Bird Pricing ($500 Off)
Only Through September 3rd, 2024

Installment Payment Plan Available:

Read the FAQ Section Below


  • Lifetime access to all 5 of my Practitioner Pyramid trainings — no need to purchase separately! 34 video lessons totaling more than 20 hours of self-paced video training (note that it will not reduce your program cost if you've already purchased any of these trainings; see the FAQ section below)
  • 10 weekly live Q&A calls to review topics covered in the trainings, ask questions, discuss case studies, and more
  • All past and future replays from prior cohorts, as well—join and you'll get access to past cohort replays and any additional cohort recordings posted down the road, adding value to your investment over time! I've hosted two cohorts so far. And ALL videos fully searchable by keyword


  • Tons of tangible bonuses, like templates, "cheat sheets," and video lessons to help you jump ahead in your practice (see examples below)
  • Downloadable audio & transcription versions of weekly sessions available
  • Access to my public membership community where you can see how I answer client questions in real-time (including 200+ hours of archived video replays), for the duration of the mentorship—join these live calls yourself, too!
  • The option to join my ongoing Practitioner Support Group—a community of other quantum-trained practitioners, including other cohort members—where we continue to workshop client issues and business support beyond the mentorship ($69 monthly subscription fee, after the membership program)


  • Fall 2024 Cohort Dates:
    10 Weeks—
    September 18 - November 20, 2024
    Note: Cohorts only happen 2x a year, so the next cohort won't take place until Winter or Early Spring, 2025.

  • Limited Space:
    Capped at 30 people per cohort

  • Registration Deadline: 
    September 18, when the program begins, or when 30 participants have registered—whichever comes first.

  • Prerequisites:
    Either taking and feeling competent in AT LEAST the first three modules (Light, Water, and Mitochondria) of my Practitioner Pyramid trainings AND/OR being certified in quantum biology (must be a previous graduate or in the current cohort) by the time this PMP cohort begins on September 18th.

  • Open To:
    Those with established practices AND those who are new health practitioners or who want to start a new health practice (online, in person, or otherwise).

  • Meets:
    Once weekly over Zoom, on Wednesdays starting at 12pm ET (usually 90-120 mins, but be prepared to block off 2 hours if you plan to attend live). You don't have to attend live and you can also come for as long as you want during any specific session. But attending live is the ONLY way you'll be able to ask for client feedback or pose questions to me, so your success as a practitioner will be heavily enhanced by your attendance and participation.

  • Format:
    A mix of roundtables, Q&As, and lectures. We’ll take time to review the training video material, discuss case studies—your clients and/or mine—and go over things like intake forms. We’ll dig into specific, real-world examples and discuss how you, others in the cohort, and I might go about helping that client. We’ll also discuss how we might interpret and prioritize data when getting intake information in order to set the client up with a great protocol from the start. And, we'll talk about how we tweak and monitor these protocols over time for your clients to reach their goals. I'll do some additional teaching, as it makes sense, as well.

Example Cheat Sheets & Other Bonuses

We'll follow the general flow of each of my Practitioner Pyramid lessons during our calls together each week. But, beyond those video trainings, here are several examples of what you can expect me to cover in supplemental materials like "cheat sheets" or bonus videos if we don't get to them during live calls or if an answer in one of our live calls could use a supplemental explanation or other resource. You'll also receive access to any PRIOR supplemental resources I've provided to previous cohorts.

Business Behind-the-Scenes

I spend 1-2 weeks answering your questions about how I run the back-end of my business, from my website to social media, & more.

Conducting an Intake Interview

I'll help you learn great questions to ask from the start, what to do in an initial appointment, and what to prioritize once you hear from your client.

Interpreting the NAQ

A blank copy of this standard symptomatic intake form, what I look for on it, and what patterns I see in a client's answers.

Interpreting Bloodwork & Labs

Which labs I like to review (like fasting leptin, hs-CRP, fasting insulin, etc.), optimal ranges, and what it suggests to me when it is out of range—as usual, all through the quantum perspective of health.

Reading All Other Functional Labs/Tests from a Quantum Perspective

How I read client lab tests (HTMA, DUTCH, GI Map, etc.) and what data are obsolete (most of it!), which data matter, key takeaways to look for, and what to do with the information in order to structure it into a client protocol.

Quantum Explanations For Chronic Diseases

You will have access to Carrie's detailed document with the quantum/circadian mechanism behind over 20 chronic conditions in order to have a framework with which to address clients facing these states.

Meet Your Mentor

Carrie Bennett
Quantum Health Educator & Clinician

  •  Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition
  •  Certified Massage Therapist
  •  Certified Personal Trainer
  •  Certified Breathwork Coach

Hi, I'm Carrie Bennett, otherwise known as Carrie B. I've been in clinical practice for more than 20 years, and over the course of those two decades, I've observed that clients come to me with much more complex issues than ever before. For example, what used to be "just leaky gut" is now leaky gut with three autoimmune conditions, chronic migraine, and insomnia. As I began to get more and more of these complex cases, I had to equip myself with a massive amount of research and knowledge to pull from to assist these people. Along the way, I made mistakes, tweaked protocols countless times, and continued to acquire as much up-to-date information as possible. This mentorship is my opportunity to pass all of this knowledge onto you—in a structure that makes you the best clinician possible without having to dedicate massive amounts of your own extra time doing research, or the need to play around with trial and error.  


Hear what previous cohort members say about my mentorship.

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

“Carrie not only provides accurate scientific information but the 'why' and the 'how,’ which was why I’ve had several big 'ah-ha moments’ working with her. Despite having a Ph.D. in molecular biology, I’ve learned a lot from Carrie—far better and more applicable to daily life and clients than anything I ever learned at university. She has wonderful energy and is great at handling questions professionally and non-egotistically.”

Sara P.
Quantum Health Coach