Your Body Can Heal and Thrive!
Awaken Your Quantum Self-Healer


A healthy and vibrant body starts with addressing key lifestyle components - strategies that I term "quantum healing" - that go to an even more foundational healing level than nutrition and exercise and can significantly improve your health. 


Work one-on-one with me or in a group setting (information below) and learn how to optimize these components for your best and most vibrant self!

  • Circadian Rhythms

  • Time spent outside

  • Artificial light exposure

  • Screen time

  • Mitochondrial function

  • Sleep

  • Breathing

  • Grounding

  • EZ water hydration

  • Fasting versus fueling (autophagy)

I will walk you through how and why certain components need to be tweaked for your unique body and ways to use these things to thrive!

Information leading to Application leading to Transformation!

The Quantum Self-Healing Masterclass!
co-taught by
Carrie Bennett, MS ACN and Dr Corey Ghazvini DOM

6 Week Group Class
Next Class Starts in April!
Cost $999
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Throughout this course you will learn essential information, application and experience transformation through the principles of quantum health and circadian biology.

Contrary to what we are taught, the body is always looking to move into its best health for its given environment (both the internal environment of the body and the external environment in which the body lives).

That means each of us has an ideal environment to thrive based on our mitochondria, genes, circadian rhythms and other epigenetic signals.

The goal of this course is to teach you what your body needs in order to thrive at the quantum level - which is absolutely foundational to your body functioning at its very best.

The course will include information on the following:
Artificial light
Circadian Rhythm
EZ water and cellular hydration
Cold therapy
Seasonal living
and more!

Each week there will be 2 live Zoom meetings.  One lays out the quantum information you need to know plus how to apply it.  The second meeting is a live Q&A in which we help you with any questions you may have.

Each live session will be recorded and posted to the class learning platform - Podia - for you to watch at your convenience if you cannot make the live class.

Through Podia, there is also a community board in which we can ask questions, provide encouragement, link to interesting articles/videos/podcasts in order to strengthen our learning environment and to help you best apply the information.  

Looking forward to working with you as you teach your body to thrive at the quantum level!

Carrie and Corey
Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment

$749 (60-90 minutes plus three 30-min follow-ups)

This partnership on your health/healing journey involves a very thorough review of your health history along with the completion and analysis of the Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire and Circadian Rhythm Assessment. 

Upon review, I sit down with you to discuss your results, go over the lifestyle and nutrition factors most impacting your health, and lays out an initial plan to address these areas.  Over the course of three additional follow-up sessions we discuss progress and make necessary changes so that your body continues to move toward health and vitality!

Email me to book:

Forest Lake

Follow-Up Appointments (scheduled as needed):

$75 per half hour

You may also schedule at one-time

"Pick My Brain" Hour-long session: