Improved Health Starts Here!!


A healthy and vibrant body starts with addressing key lifestyle components that can significantly help or harm your health.  Learn how to optimize these components for your best and most vibrant self!

  • Nutrition

  • Time spent outside

  • Artificial light exposure

  • Screen time

  • Movement/exercise

  • Sleep

  • Breathing

  • Fasting versus fueling (autophagy)

Carrie will walk you through how and why certain components need to be tweaked for your unique body.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment
$129 (60-90 minutes plus one 30-min follow-up)
This service is required of all new clients.  It involves a very thorough review of your health history along with the completion and analysis of the Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire and Circadian Rhythm Assessment.  Upon review, Carrie sits down with you to discuss your results, go over the lifestyle and nutrition factors most impacting your health, and lays out an initial plan to address these areas.   
Follow Up Appointments
$40 per session 
$175 package of 5
After completion of the Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment, continue to meet with Carrie one-on-one to progress and tweak your plan.