Living Quantum-ly

An online membership group where you can get your quantum and circadian-health questions answered by Carrie and build community with other like-minded people.

Please Note:

I will be on a month-long sabbatical between mid-July through mid-August 2024. However, in my absence, we have a handful of quantum health-related coaches planned to step in and host live Q&As. Here are the ones scheduled so far:

  • 7/22 at 2pm ET: Nikko Kennedy (Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum)
  • 7/24 at 2pm ET: Catherine Clinton (Quantum Biology)
  • 7/26 at 3pm ET: Mollie Eastman (Sleep)
  • 8/4 at 1pm ET: AJ De Melo (Breath/Breathing)
  • 8/5 at 1pm ET: Kelly Kennedy (HRV + Lymph)
  • 8/7 at 3pm ET: Danielle Hamilton (Blood Sugar)

You will need to be live on these calls to ask questions, which is different than my typical Q&As!


When you join, you get:

  • TWO LIVE weekly calls where I answer up to 8 of your questions every single week (excluding holidays or vacations, of course)—up to four in each of the two calls. That's 14 HOURS of live calls hosted every month.
    • Live Call Times:
      — Monday calls: 2-4pm ET (2hrs)
      — Tuesday calls: 11:30am-1pm ET (1.5 hrs)

    • Can't Join Live?: That's okay! Each week, we start a question thread where you can drop your questions for me in advance. Then, use our built-in search feature to search the replay video for your name and/or the topic you asked about and hop STRAIGHT TO where I answered it in the call, saving you from having to watch entire video replays to hear your questions answered (unless you want to watch full calls, of course).

  • More than 200 HOURS of SEARCHABLE archived replays from previous Live Q&A calls as of mid-2024 (and growing). Have a question about a specific topic, like melatonin, red light therapy, cancer, or anything else? Use the search feature and find every single answer I've ever given in previous calls. Or, watch hours of replays if you just want to learn as much as possible.

  • ALL of my previous Instagram Friends content—tons of 5-10 minute deep-dives where I expanded on some of my older posts on Instagram.

  • Build relationships with other people interested in quantum biology, ask them questions, & share more resources together. It can sometimes feel lonely and isolating to practice quantum biology in the modern world. So, having this community can provide you with a lot of connection to others trying to live a quantum lifestyle, supporting you along the way.

Billed just once a month (on the same date of your purchase each month) for $49 until you cancel, and you can cancel your subscription at any time!

My 1:1 health coaching sessions cost $389 and often book out FAR in advance. So, joining the community will often not only save you a lot of money but can also save you a lot of time. Instead of waiting weeks or months to chat with me 1:1, you can often get the majority (if not all!) of your Qs answered no more than a week away (any upcoming Monday or Tuesday).

$49.00 USD

Every month

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