Reset your circadian rhythm & prepare your body for the intensity of summer in just 14 days!

The 14-Day SPRING RESET Challenge

with Carrie Bennett

  • 14 Days
  • 14 Video Lessons via Email
  • 14 Steps to Use Spring to Reset Your Body's Clock & Prepare for Summer's More Intense Sunlight

Are you someone who fears the sun? Think that burning in intense sunlight is inevitable? Do you tend to cover every inch of skin in sunscreen or clothing? Or stay indoors when the sun gets brighter?

Well, despite everything you've ever been taught to fear about the sun, you CAN learn to stop misusing it and instead utilize spring to prepare your skin, eyes, and entire body for the more intense light and heat of summer—as well as several other healing practices perfect to implement in spring, including detoxing, using nourishing spring weeds, and more.

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The Spring Reset Challenge officially kicks off on

The Spring Equniox: Tuesday, March 19th, 2023

Once it begins, you'll no longer be able to purchase access to the challenge or its lessons!

What Will You Learn?

Here's what I'll teach you over the course of 14 days:

  • How to Set Your Circadian Rhythm Using Light
  • Using Morning Light to Improve Hormone Imbalances
  • Using Morning Light to Improve Mood & Metabolism
  • The Benefits of Light on the Skin: Cancer, Cardiovascular Health, & More
  • Preparing Your Skin to Handle the Intensity of Summer Light
  • Preparing Your Eyes to Handle More Intense Sunlight
  • Why and How to Stop Using Sunglasses & Sunscreen
  • Sunlight + Gut Health
  • Sunlight + Autoimmune Conditions
  • Creating a Healing Sleep Space
  • Circadian Spring Nourishment: Sunlight + Plants, Detox Support, Fasting, & Nourishing Weeds
  • The Benefits of Earthing, Both Physically & Energetically
  • Why Movement in Nature is Healing: Coherence, Retuning the Biofield, & Piezoelectricity
  • Other Spring Rhythms + Vital Energy: Aether Implosions, Spring Cleaning, Open Windows, & More


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  • 14 bite-sized video lessons (about 5-15 minutes each)
  • Videos delivered to your inbox (with a link to watch on YouTube)
  • Access to our LIVE CLOSING Q&A call over Zoom on Monday, April 1 from 4-5:30pm ET (convert to your timezone) once the challenge is over—ask me any questions that came up for you while watching or anything that I didn't address in the video series; must be able to attend live to ask questions, but everyone will get the replay video
  • Once the challenge is over, you'll have access to the lessons for life, hosted in your Library on my site (shifted over from YouTube), as well as the closing Q&A replay video

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