Gut Healing From a Quantum Perspective

Go beyond using food to heal an inflamed, leaky gut. Circadian and mitochondrial health strategies are paramount when it comes to being able to repair damage to our gut lining, support digestion and absorption of nutrients, and feel amazing.

This webinar goes over:

  • How to use light to lower gut inflammation
  • Using light to improve your microbiome
  • Optimizing melatonin for gut repair
  • And so much more!

When you purchase, you'll receive lifetime access to the replay.

NOTE! If you purchase my larger signature course, Quantum Foundations, Gut Healing From a Quantum Perspective AND Quantum Strategies for Anxiety & Depression are BOTH included. So, if you're thinking of eventually purchasing Quantum Foundations, you might consider going ahead and doing that instead of buying these two webinars separately and later also buying Quantum Foundations, so you can save some money.

$47.00 USD

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