Taking Advantage of Winter for Better Health

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About the Webinar

Did you know that winter is a time when our bodies are designed to run some amazing healing programs? Did you know most of us miss out on this by turning winter into "perpetual summer'?

In this 2-hour webinar, I will teach you how to maximize your healing in the winter using the principles of:

  • Cold
  • Dark
  • Scarcity
  • Infrared Light

Purchase the replay to transform your winter months into a prime healing opportunity, especially for your mitochondria!

When you purchase, you'll receive lifetime access to the replay.

The webinar replay also comes with accessibility and learning needs built-in—

  • The video is fully searchable by keyword/topic.
  • All lessons are broken up into SHORT chunks, usually between 5-10 minutes.
  • Your progress will be saved, so no need to remember where you left off.
  • The video has captions you can turn off/on.
  • It includes a downloadable English transcript in .txt format.
  • I hope to add a downloadable Spanish transcript in the future.
  • It also includes a downloadable .mp3 audio file if you'd like to listen rather than watch.
  • And the video can be slowed down to as low as .5x speed or up to 2x speed in .25x increments, depending on your learning needs.

Cost: Self-Determined (See Details on This Page)