How Fit Is Your Liver?

I was chatting recently with a client who is a med school student. She emphasized how many people she comes across these days who have non-alcoholic fatty livers. This is supremely detrimental to liver function and overall health. Avoid it by cutting out sugar and especially HFCS. Because our liver is vastly important to overall health, read on to see how you can support it.

A few things need to be made clear as to why detoxing our environment can help boost our metabolism. First, everything we breathe or put into or onto our bodies needs to be detoxified and processed by our liver. This means fragrances, lotions, air sprays, residues from plastics, non-stick cookware, etc all need to be broken down and detoxified. What organ in our body gets the awesome task of doing this? That's right, it's your liver. If you think about how much of this sort of stuff we come into contact with on a daily basis, that means our liver has to do a ton of work all the time! Poor liver.

But detoxifying our body is not the only this our liver is responsible for.

Here’s what else our liver does:

1.) Makes thyroid hormone (which helps determine how fast our metabolism is)

2. ) Packages up the nutrients and cholesterol we eat and ships them out to our bloodstream to be used by other parts of our body

3.) Helps produce bile for the digestion of fats

4.) Serves as a storage site for excess vitamins and minerals

And much more!!

Ultimately, if we force our liver to do so much detoxifying of our blood because we surround ourselves with chemicals, it cannot do its other essential metabolism boosting jobs as well. This can really lead to a super-sluggish metabolism and other imbalances.

Add on nutrient deficiencies on top of that because we no longer consume nutrient-rich, whole foods and our poor liver doesn't even have all the nutrients it needs to complete the detox processes in the first place!

What to do about it:

1.) Remove cleaning chemicals from your life as much as possible: change cleaning solutions to all natural versions. This is a great blog for natural cleaning and personal care products that you can make at home:

2.) Filter your water: we get so much exposure to chemicals via our water source. Tap water is usually very contaminated. Try to drink filtered water out of glass or stainless steel only, not plastic.

3.) Remove plastic from your life: Plastics have been known for a long time to contain harmful chemicals. Don’t drink out of them. Don’t cook out of them. Don't reheat food in them.

4.) Eat organic and grass-fed whenever possible. Pesticides can really bog down our detoxification process.

5.) Add lemon slices to your water. It is a gentle way to help with the body’s

detoxification process.

6.) Get rid of sugar. When we overload our bodies with sugar, we are asking our liver to do waaaay to much! It’s our liver’s job to store up the excess sugar and send it out to the body. With the average American diet, that is asking a lot of our liver.

7.) Try some all natural body care products. Our skin is such an absorptive organ. Whatever we put on our bodies needs to get filtered and detoxified by our liver. So if you like to wear body lotion or hand cream, try an all natural version that isn’t as toxic to the system. Try coconut oil or olive oil. Better yet, try to go without lotion and see how well your body adapts over time.

8.) Support your liver with beet kvass. Beet kvass is a traditionally fermented beet juice that has been used traditionally as a liver support drink. Some of my clients swear by this. 4 oz in the morning and 4 oz at night is all you need from this super supportive liver beverage.

Remember, when it comes to detoxifying our environment, start with little changes. Pick one or two things to try from the list above. Once that becomes second nature, try adding another one and another one until we are both eating and living in a clean, anti-inflammatory way. Your liver (and the rest of your body) will thank you!

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