What's Harder Than Finishing a Marathon?

Whenever we think of the ultimate fitness endeavor, running a marathon always pops into our brains. We have been trained to think that the farther the distance, the harder the endeavor. But how many of you have ever tried pushing all out for one mile?

Sounds easy right?

But think again. Back in college, one of our preseason fitness tests was to run a mile. Everyone had to finish in under 8 minutes. As college volleyball players, running wasn't something we ever did on the court. My freshman year, I wrongly assumed that all of the jump training, heavy lifting and agility work we did over the summer and in the off season would be enough to prepare us for an "easy" mile push. I was mistaken. As I pushed to sprint that last 1/4 mile I can remember my legs wobbling, my chest heaving, sweat pouring into my eyes as I struggled to get to the finish line as fast as I could. Six minutes and 34 seconds. I did it but, man, it was quite possibly the hardest thing I ever did. That was the moment I realized that sprinting a mile is one of the most challenging feats on the planet.

I began to dread this race. I wasn't alone. My teammates dreaded it too. We had no problem maxing out on our bench press, squat, power clean, deadlift. I had no problem with testing the vertical leap but that darn mile always hung over our heads. So much so that, my junior year, we called our coach just shy of midnight on the evening before our timed mile and told her we wanted to get it out of the way that night. We would all sleep better if it was over. She is such an awesome person that she agreed to meet us at the track at midnight and allowed us to finish our "midnight mile."

After reading all this, you're probably thinking: "this is definitely not motivating me to want to run a mile as fast as I can."

Here's the motivation. What if I told you that by training to push all out for one mile, you could also teach your body to become a lean, mean fat-burning machine? What if I told you that the type of training you need to do to become faster at the mile is the exact type of training that produces the exact burst of hormones we need to have a faster metabolism, more muscle and accelerated fat burn?

Now, what if I told you that I would be there to coach you through the entire thing? What if I told you that I will also be coaching you through some simple, clean-eating strategies to enhance your body's fat burn? And what if I told you all this can happen in a total of 5 weeks?

DETAILS: One Mile Transformation Race

It starts with a “before” race on Saturday, May 13th to test your mile time.

We then provide you with two weekly guided training sessions (Mondays from 5:30-6:15pm and Saturdays from 9-9:45am) to help you:

1. Run a faster mile

2. Push your body to release potent fat burning hormones that elevate your metabolism

3. Build lean muscle

4. Implement simple clean eating strategies to burn body fat

Every week we will meet at The Fitness Spot (1st floor of the Firehouse Fitness and Wellness building; 1104 S. Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49008; 2 blocks south of Martini's in the Vine Neighborhood). From there, we will go to a nearby spot in the neighborhood and go through our training session.

Great for beginners looking to finish a fast mile walk, advanced runners looking for a change of pace or men and women who want to combine high quality nutrition with effective exercise in a way that gets great results. By utilizing heart rate training and key nutrition strategies, we can individualize this program for all levels to achieve their best results ever.

Space is limited for this amazing program. To reserve your spot or for more information, email Carrie at or call/text her at 248-470-0103.

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