Americans spend 93% of our time indoors.  Often this is under very unhealthy lighting and surrounded by unnatural EMFs.  An unhealthy living environment has been linked to almost every chronic modern disease and can drive unhealthy levels of chronic inflammation INSPITE of eating clean and exercising regularly. 


This 3-part webinar series provides knowledge, mitigation strategies, product recommendations and other essential tips to make your living space a healing space for your body. 


Special focus will be placed on:

Healthy lighting for day versus night

Best ways to block artificial blue light at night (and during parts of the day!)

Improving your drinking water so your body actually absorbs it (it's not reverse osmosis!)

Transforming your bedroom into a healing sanctuary (sleep is when we optimize health but several things in the bedroom can tank the quality of your sleep!)


Begins March 17th at noon EST for the LIVE webinar or watch the recording at your convenience which will be emailed to you the following day.  Live webinars are also on 3/24 and 3/31.

Hacking a Healthy Home: Webinar Series


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