Meal Plan Options:

You will eat a minimum of 4 meals (meals 1-4 listed below) and a maximum of 7 meals/day.

You can keep your meal plan the same for all 5 days

(ie:  always eat 4 meals each day)

Or you can change it up based on what is happening in any given day

(ie: 4 meals on my really busy days versus 5-7 meals on days that have social obligations)

Listen to your body's hunger signals and try to only eat if you are getting true hunger, not because you are bored, sad, lonely, etc.

Meal 1 and Meal 2 (you will be picking from this list for both meals):

Up to 20 ounces of...

Hot filtered water with fresh squeezed lemon

Cool filtered water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

Black coffee with up to 2 T grass fed butter/ghee/MCT oil blended in

Hot or cold green, black, herbal tea or yerba mate tea with up to 2 T MCT oil/coconut

oil blended in


Meal 3 Options:

Up to 20 ounces of...

 Bone Broth (add spices, sea salt, pepper, cooked onion and celery if desired or drink


Water/tea/vegetable broth

  • with 1-2 tablespoons of either collagen powder (I prefer Dr Axe or Vital Proteins but the health food store will have several options) or collagen hydrolysate (I prefer Great Lakes brand but again, check your localhealth food store for your options). 


Meal 4:  Power Protein Shake

(Take digestive enzymes or digestive bitters prior to this meal if needed)


Choose 8-20 oz of your base liquid:  filtered water, unsweetened

coconut/almond/hemp/macadamia milk

Choose your protein:  collagen hydrolysate or collagen powder (Dr Axe Bone

Broth Protein or Vital Proteins brand) or grass fed whey powder (no more than

4g carbohydrate per serving and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. Stevia, erythritol, xylitol are ok).

Grass fed whey brands include Tera's Whey, BioChem Whey and Jarrow

Choose your fat (1-2 tablespoons):  olive oil, avocado (also a great way to help thicken your shake), grass fed butter/ghee, coconut oil,  MCT oil, chia seeds, nut butters (such as almond or cashew butter)

Choose your fiber add-in (pick at least one--if new to eating lots of fiber, start small):  1/2 to 1 full green banana (also a great thickener), 1-3 T chia seeds, 1-2 T konjac root fiber (PGX brand is available at health food stores), prebiotic powder supplement--you will find this at your health food store.  It contains prebiotic fiber that will feed your healthy gut bacteria).


Choose your optional flavor add-ins:  Cocoa powder, berries, stevia, unsweetened coconut, peanut butter

Blend it all together with or without ice and enjoy!

Meal 5 Options:  Fermented Food

(Up to 1/2 cup; if new to fermented food, start slowly and build up gradually. 

As little as 1 T has benefit)



other fermented veggies

beet kvass


water kefir beverages (my favorite is KeVita brand)

dairy kefir

coconut kefir

Meal 6 Options:  Power Dinner



  • Clean Protein:  grass fed beef, wild caught fish, pastured chicken/turkey/pork

  • Veggies cooked in fat:  any veggies sauteed lightly in grass fed butter or ghee with sea salt and other spices as needed

  • 1/2 cup Clean Starch:  sweet potato, white potato, soaked and cooked beans, rice, quinoa

  • Anything else you want but eat the food listed above first.  Eat to feel satisfied but not stuffed.  If craving something less than clean, have a small but satisfying portion. When in doubt, look to satisfy a craving with gluten free and reduced sugar options in order to keep inflammation at bay.  Remember, increased inflammation can easily stall your metabolism.

Meal 7 Options:  Treats

1 glass dry red wine, 2-3 squares dark chocolate, 1/2 pint halo top ice cream,

organic non GMO popcorn with sea salt and butter