Welcome to Holistic Nutrition!

  • This class is a live, webinar-based class.  

  • Each week will introduce a different and interesting webinar about a specific nutrition or lifestyle topic. 

  • Topics are listed below.  As you can see, there are 9 different topics. 




You can choose the topics that interest you most.  Feel free to attend all 9 webinars if you wish! 


I will be taking attendance at each webinar.


There is no homework with this class.

Recorded versions of the live webinars will be posted to the class webpage within 48 hours of the webinar completion and can be watched for credit at your convenience.  Please be sure to email me once you have watched a recorded webinar so I can mark you for having attended.

Webinars will be held at the same time slot every week:

Wednesdays 4pm - 4:45pm EST

The link for the webinars can be found above and in the email sent out to the class prior to the first day.  We will use THE SAME LINK for every webinar even though the topics of the webinars will be changing.


NOTE:  Webinars are hosted by Zoom

Fee For This Class:  $80 

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Venmo payment:  CarrieB1104   

This is an off-campus, fee-based PE class and not included in your tuition. 


Please pay for this class prior to the end of 3rd week. 


If you need to set up a payment plan, please email me:  carriebwellness@gmail.com

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Weekly Live Webinar Link:


Carrie Bennett, K'04

MS Applied Clinical Nutrition

Text me with questions, comments or concerns!


Learn the benefits of eating real food, the dangers of processed foods and how to structure a well-balanced anti-inflammatory, clean eating plan.  

Week 1 Recording:  click here

Pass code:  7VC2N7*S

Understand how sugar interacts with our body.  Carrie will focus on the negative impact of processed sugar consumption on all aspects of our health including metabolism, brain function, inflammation and more.

Week 2 Recording:  click here

Pass code:  iw%R=7HY

What are some excellent strategies for pairing nutrition and exercise?  Does it matter?  What about building muscle, burning fat, etc?  Get answers to your questions and learn how proper nutrition strategies will completely enhance your workout results and recovery. 

Week 3 Recording:  click here

Pass code:  0&Hao%zQ

Do any of these describe you on a regular basis: Bloated, ,Heartburn, Excessive fullness, Sour stomach, Foul smelling gas?  If so, help is on the way!  Join Carrie for this webinar on why enhancing your digestion can be of tremendous benefit to you.  Carrie will teach you exactly what that means and how to implement proven techniques that improve digestion and lessen symptoms. 

Week 4 Recording:  click here

Pass code:  Cr.9&%0c

Are you a sugar burner or a fat burner?  Learn how the body burns body fat for energy and which strategies you can use every day to "coach" your fat burning metabolism.  Fat is a very important fuel source that generates a ton of energy without much oxidative damage so it is a key pathway to have optimized. 

Week 5 Recording:  click here

Pass code:  J1epd+nM

Learn key strategies to reset your circadian rhythm -- your body's internal 24 hour clock.  By ensuring your body clock is operating with appropriate circadian rhythm, you allow your body to have a more balanced hormone profile, improved sleep, better energy, lower inflammation and a faster metabolism.  Carrie will teach you everything you need to know about why and how to get your circadian rhythm on track today. 

Week 6 Recording:  click here

Pass code: ^3!8bb*3

Optimize your brain health and function with clinically proven eating and movement strategies.  Learn why fat is essential for a healthy brain, key in on specific brain health nutrients and which foods are loaded with them.  

Week 7 Recording:  click here

Pass code: 8.wL5+pU

Everything from how often you go, to the color of your poop is telling you valuable information about the functioning of your body.  Learn how to "read" your poop cues to see what your bowel movements are telling you.  Then, learn how to make key changes to improve your BM's if needed.

Week 8 Recording:  click here

Pass code: J%4BnV0E

Learn what intermittent fasting is and why it can be helpful to burn body fat, reduce inflammation, prevent diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer and more.  Carrie will provide information on different techniques to try, the pros and cons of each one as well as essential things to do while intermittent fasting to maximize results.  

Week 9 Recording:  click here

Pass code:  d5W#EM&*