We have all heard something about our "circadian rhythms" at one point in our lives or another but perhaps we don't really understand what they are and how important it is to have our circadian rhythms follow the natural 24 hour clock. 

Circadian rhythm is our internal clock that follows the same 24 hour day light cycle found in nature.  Our circadian rhythms tell our bodies when to eat, sleep, wake up, etc.  They do this by releasing the appropriate hormones for each of these situations

that direct the body to do something.  For example, cortisol is our "wake me up" hormone and is released in its highest concentrations between 6-8am and its release slowly wanes throughout the day until there is almost none present when it is time for us to get ready to fall asleep. 

Our circadian rhythm evolved based on exposure to sunlight during the day and darkness during the night.   A particular part of our brain called our suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is responsible for setting these cir...

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