When it gets chilly outside, I love to slowly sip on a cup of something hot to warm me up.  Normally, we look to various teas and coffees to do the trick.  As beneficial to our health as teas and coffee can be, we are missing out if we are not drinking bone broth on a daily basis.

What is bone broth?  Bone broth is a type of broth created by gently boiling the bones of a grass-fed animal (usually cow or chicken) for 24-48 hours.  This is the traditional way beef and chicken stock was made by our great grandmothers prior to the invention of chicken or beef stock out of a carton.  Slow cooked bone broth is bar-none one of the healthiest foods on the planet yet almost none of us are consuming it.

Unlike store-bought broth (which can also contain MSG), bone broth contains many beneficial nutrients including essential minerals and amino acids.  Remember, there are certain nutrients that our body cannot make and, thus, we must get these nutrients from our diets.  Minerals such a...

Our brain is arguably the most important organ in the body.  It is responsible for both conscious thought and action as well as subconscious processes such as heartbeat, breathing, temperature regulation, digestion.  Because the brain plays such an amazing role in the body, it also is the organ that requires the highest amount of energy on a daily basis.  The body has several forms of energy that it can use:  glucose (or sugar) in the bloodstream, glycogen (or stored sugar in the liver or in the muscle tissue) or fatty acids/ketones (which come from the release and breakdown of body fat).  On a daily basis, the brain needs about 120g of glucose (or 480 calories) to operate.  

It was once thought that the brain could only run on glucose and therefore, we would need to feed the body enough glucose on a daily basis or else brain function (and therefore body function) would suffer.  This myth has been debunked; however, most of the medical establishment still pushes...

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