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The Leap

Educate and empower yourself with Carrie via her research-based, clear, concise webinars.

Become an active participant in your health care and not a victim of poorly constructed disease management.

  • This class is a live, webinar-based class that runs for 6 consecutive weeks.  It is simple and easy to attend.  Each week you will receive an email with a link to the webinar page.  Simply click on the link during the designated time.

  • WHEN:  for 6 consecutive weeks, every Tuesday 12:00-12:45pm EST (lunch and learn!!) starting January 7th.

  • A replay of the webinar will be made available soon after the webinar ends for those who cannot attend it in real time.

  • Each week will introduce a different and interesting webinar about a specific nutrition or lifestyle topic. Topics are listed below.

NOTE:  Webinars are hosted by Zoom so that app must be downloaded on your mobile device or tablet or installed on your computer PRIOR to your first webinar.  Webinars use video conferencing so access to a computer/phone is a requirement.

Cost: $49

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webinar topics

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Marinated Olives
Meditation by the Sea
Wild Path
Fresh Salmon